Industrial design: the “Sharp seven”: penknives with an extraordinary opening mechanism

Ножи бывают разными.

Knives are different.

The knife is one of the oldest types of guns, which were invented by man. And despite the triviality of designs, versions knives are up to date and regularly moderniziriruyutsya. This article will describe seven unusual folding knives that stand out in an unusual principle of ejection of the blade.

1. Kershaw ET
Kershaw ET - нож, так похожий на дверную ручку.

Kershaw ET knife, similar to the door handle.

This knife is one of the most fun and unusual mechanisms of ejection of the knife. This is due to a special “tribe”, which somewhat resembles a doorknob. Kershaw ET open easily and without problems, though not very convenient. And that is not always comfortable, is the fact that the working mechanism is also a element of the handle.

2. CRKT Dandy
CRKT Rollock - достать лезвие нужно уметь.

CRKT Dandy is to get the blade should be able to.

The exterior design of this knife strongly resembles the classic version, however, in this case this impression is deceptive. In this case, the knife is not removed as a regular folding and do not even popping up from clicking on a button. To withdraw the blade out, you need to push him, resting his fingers in the ribbed area on top.

3. Paragon Knives by Asheville Steel Warlock
Старая добрая «бабочка».

The good old “butterfly”.

This knife is one of the most fun among options of knives butterfly. He never jumps out of the handle, and is thrown away after the button is pressed on the housing. After exposure the button will open the handle of the knife. As the blade came in “fighting” readiness, it will need to spend in an arc of 180°, and then release the button to collapse the handle and blade lock.

4. Scorpiodesign Shapeshifter EDC
Очень острый нож весьма необычного дизайна.

A very sharp knife very unusual design.

If you look at this knife of unusual shape, from the first time it is difficult to imagine how he can develop. But actually there is nothing complicated. When the gun is folded, the blade hidden in the handle. To hide the cutting part of the tool, you press the button, after which the blade can enter the groove of the handle, which transformirovalsya so that the blade could rest against it. The principle of operation of the whole mechanism is reminiscent of the popular print grasshopper.

5. CRKT Fulcrum 2
CRKT Fulcrum - ножик с секретов.

CRKT Fulcrum – the knife with secrets.

Another option is a deceptive knife. To pull the blade out, you must first press the button located on the handle, and then breed the knob on the principle of scissors. End of the manipulation that the handle should return to normal condition combining into a single structure. One gets the knife in a similar way.

6. Schrade Viper Side Assist
Schrade Viper Side Assist - нож с выталкивающимся лезвием.

Schrade Viper Side Assist knife with vytaskivanija blade.

An interesting variant of the pocket knife comes in operational readiness, thanks to the basic push of a finger. The benefits of this instance lie in its compactness and ease of grip. Of course, hunting with such not to go, but you should have useful.

7. A. G. Russell Funny Folder
A.G. Russell Funny Folder - лучшие традиции дизайна.

A. G. Russell Funny Folder – the best traditions of design.

In fact, the design of this knife is quite old, similar to the principle of the gun was produced half a century ago, and it works almost the same way as the classical “butterfly”. The main difference lies in the fact that the emission of the cutting element occurs in two stages. Before come to combat readiness, the blade is thrown to the element handle.

And zealous owners and collectors of useful information, as quickly and cheaply sharpen a knife.

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