Industrial design: Seven troubles – one answer: bag-transformer Rollux on all occasions

Отличная вещь для тех, кто любит путешествовать.

A great thing for those who love to travel.

Suitcase the good thing in the economy, however, absolutely necessary in those situations when you don’t go to the other side of the planet or at least in another city. All this time the suitcase lies gathering dust on the shelf. But these inconveniences be the past with a universal bag Rollux.

Удобная штука.

Handy thing.

In recent years, designers from all over the world are paying increasing attention to universal things, which could satisfy the different needs of his master. Hard to believe, but even the bag can be versatile. And it is not about what it’s supposed to be tweezers, a pocketknife and a screwdriver (although there are some options in the markets), and that one bag needs to be transformed between several models.

Поместится в такой чемодан все.

Will fit in a suitcase yet.

So is the new Rollux. At the moment the project is in the stage of a crowdfunding campaign. Feature Rollux only one, but what! Flick of the wrist in just a few seconds of hand suitcase bag easily converts into a large suitcase for long trips with a comfortable handle and increased capacity.

Для дальних поездок.

For long distance travel.

It has become possible due to the unique design of the bag that was invented and developed by engineers and designers of the company. By the way, folds back from the deployed state of the bag is also easy. In manual suitcase Rollux volume is 41 liters, and dimensions of the bags will be 50x40x22 see Expanding suitcase, you can increase its volume up to 93 liters.

Для шопинга и повседневных дел.

For shopping and everyday business.

To move Rollux is very convenient. In addition to a comfortable, ergonomic handle design of the bag is provided having small wheels with function of climbing up stairs and curbs. The suitcase is also equipped with protection systems, modern locks and GPS module. There is the possibility of synchronization Rollux with a mobile device.

Одно движение - два чемодана.

One movement – two suitcases.

Continuing the theme of the 5 gadgets that should be in the house in case of emergencies and not only.

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