Industrial design: super useful solutions from the Western shops which are necessary for us (17 photos)

Гениальные идеи западных магазинов, которые нужны нам уже сейчас.

Brilliant ideas of Western stores that we need now.

The modern way of life dictates its own terms in all areas of service. Supermarkets, cleaning companies, beauty salons – everything I try to grow, offering clients new services. Today we gathered 17 brilliant solutions to Western supermarkets, which are necessary to us.

1. Vending machine

Автомат с товарами первой необходимости.

Machine necessities.

At the entrance to the supermarket is a vending machine for meat and semi-finished products that allows you to buy commodities at night or early in the morning. The presence of such great machines make life easier for people with irregular work schedule and late night snacking.

2. Testing products

Пробники туалетной бумаги.

Samples of toilet paper.

It would seem that some difficulties may arise when choosing toilet paper? However, there are people who are extremely scrupulous in matters of comfort and personal hygiene. For such demanding customers in the toilet of the supermarket are several types of toilet paper that you can test for yourself.

3. Additional baskets

Дополнительные тележки в конце зала.

Extra truck at the end of the hall.

Sometimes you go to the supermarket with the idea to skimp on the little things, but in the end the little things typed so many that all to fall from hands. It is for these situations in some supermarkets at the end of the hall, there are additional trucks. Very convenient, because usually trucks are on the entrance and to take her will have to get the whole store.

4. Cooling system

Система охлаждения напитков.

Cooling drinks.

On hot days, each visitor to the supermarket can use the device for cooling beverages. It should be noted that the service is completely free.

5. Dog kennels

Комфортные будки для собак.

Comfortable kennels for dogs.

In most of our stores do not have a place where dog owners could leave their Pets. But in the supermarket there are whole booths with lighting and ventilation, where any visitor can leave his four-legged comrade and calmly go shopping.

6. List

Тележка с информационным списком.

Truck information list.

Supermarket cart, equipped list with the list of goods sold in the shop. The presence of such a list will allow buyers to significantly reduce the time of shopping.

7. Mushroom garden

Свежайшие грибы.

The freshest mushrooms.

A supermarket, in which you can cut the mushrooms straight from the garden – a real find for lovers of fresh produce.

8. Dryer for phones

Автомат для сушки телефонов.

Machine for drying phones.

Funny, but true – many people leave their gadgets in the public toilets. So, some supermarkets have installed special machines, able to dry and revive your device after “swimming” in the toilet.

9. Electronic shelf labels

Электронные ценники.

Electronic shelf labels.

The price tags that do not need to print and to change in the event of price changes, because all the information on them is presented in electronic form. Very comfortable and modern.

10. Table for choosing bananas

Таблица зрелости бананов.

Table of maturity of bananas.

The table that will help to distinguish between bananas depending on their degree of maturity and choose the ones that you love.

11. Cash without candy

Касса без конфет.

Cash without candy.

For many parents shopping with children becomes a real drudgery. All due to the fact that in supermarkets the weight of the goods, forbidden for children, but these are tempting. And if the Department of candy in the store easy to get around in some of the bars on the cashier not to get to anywhere. In order to avoid conflict situations in some stores operate the cash register without candy.

12. Discounted vegetables

Не слишком привлекательные овощи.

Not too attractive vegetables.

A huge number of vegetables, which are slightly lost package, sent to the trash. But they are absolutely normal, not spoiled and quite edible. What would you like to change the situation, supermarkets began to create stands with lots of vegetables and fruits.

13. Gifts at the checkout

Подарки за стояние в очереди.

Gifts for standing in the queue.

The owners of the supermarkets are constantly trying to improve the quality of service, watching over the speed of work of employees, to minimize the time spent in the queue at the checkout. So, in the same supermarket every fourth buyer standing in the queue, purchase get totally free.

14. Truck with tablets

Тележки с планшетами.

Carts with tablets.

The world is not standing still and develop supermarkets together. Some have appeared innovation truck, equipped with tablets that allow customers to know all necessary information about products, their location, and to calculate the value of purchases.

15. Magnifying glass

Тележки с лупой.

Truck with a magnifying glass.

A magnifying glass, allowing customers with poor eyesight, to consider the composition and read the inscriptions on the price tags.

16. Cocktail set

Набор для коктейлей.

Set for cocktails.

Some supermarkets sell special kits with all the necessary ingredients for making delicious cocktails at home.

17. Fruit children

Бесплатные фрукты для детей.

Free fruit for children.

Children are our future. So they are not missed and did not look at harmful sweets in some supermarkets set a basket filled with a variety of fruits, from which each child can take what he wants and eat right on the spot.

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