Industrial design: Three simple step to perfectly clean the floor with different surfaces

Мытье полов для начинающих.

Washing floors for beginners.

Never neglect the house washing floors. Need to wash the floors regularly, not only when there was something out of the ordinary. Of course, this procedure is not pleasant and certainly not simple. Fortunately, there are many tricks that will help greatly facilitate the process. Here are some of them.

1. Know the nuances of coated
Помним о типе покрытия.

Remember the type of coverage.

If you need to clean parquet floors, remember that it is not strongly wet. The dust from such a floor is cleaned with a vacuum cleaner, a soft brush or wet and thoroughly wrung cloth (MOP). Pour water on the floor can not. To bring the flooring to perfection use special cleaning and polishing products.

Most types of laminate doesn’t like water. In General there are used the same exercises that you would with flooring.

Tile, painted floors and linoleum are the most picky of coverage, to be happy, even warm water with a fair amount of detergent. A painted floor can be cleaned with water with addition of ammonia. He will betray the old palette more Shine!

2. Remember the basics
Не так сложно, как кажется.

Not as difficult as it seems.

When you take over cleaning of floors, should be aware of some universal rules that always work. First, before grabbing the MOP from the floor, you must remove all unnecessary furniture, carpets, different things.

Secondly, the floor should first be swept or vacuumed. If this is not done, dust will collect from the hidden places directly on the result of bathing!

Thirdly, always start washing from the far corner and move to the door to the room. Floors to clean from the baseboards to the center of the room.

Fourth, it is good to wipe every part of the floor that was left streaks.

3. Hands against MOP
Это еще и зарядка.

It is also charging.

In fact, there is no wisdom, and cunning there. Everyone chooses for himself whether he will MOP the floor with your hands or use a MOP. It is important to add that if you wash the floor by hand, have to sweat. To do it still much more complicated than using a MOP. On the other hand, if you are throughout the day, not enough moving, cleaning can become a good charger.

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