Industrial design: 7 frankly silly and very funny gadgets for home

Самые нестандартные гаджеты.

The most unusual gadgets.

Not all inventions of man are essential and useful in everyday life. Meet enough of them and “questionable”, and that’s an understatement! These are the creations of designers and constructors will now be discussed. In this review, all the crazy lately.

1. Smart linen
Для самого сокровенного.

To the bottom of this.

The Japanese masters have done here is a device for women. Well, or rather for men who have problems with their bras ladies. This time the Japanese creatives have created underwear that independently rasteryalsya when a woman is sufficiently aroused. Configures a bra with smartphone.

2. The lamp with the gun
Бум и выключено.

Boom, and off.

This, of course, not a real gun, and very fun remote control light. I must admit that whoever invented it had a very good sense of humor.

3. Attachment for beard
Чтобы борода была красивой.

To beard was beautiful.

This is not a medieval instrument of torture, a special attachment for those who want to properly care for my beard. The invention will help to give the hairline on the man’s face the most correct and accurate form. Who is at all necessary? Good question that has no answer.

4. Laser scissors
Идея может не не плохая.

The idea may not not bad.

No, laser beam paper, these scissors do not cut. In them a laser beam is used as a pointer, which always helps to cut properly and smoothly. Sounds cool, but in practice, the gadget is not as good as intended by the creators.

5. Cap for film fans
Отличное было бы решение, но тяжеловато.

It would be a great solution, but hard.

A headdress with a special holder and “curtains” to view video from your smartphone. The idea may be good, but to keep such a cap is not so easy. Fairly quickly tires the neck. In addition, the size does not suit all the users.

6. The spinning Cup
Должно было быть удобно.

Should be convenient.

The spinning Cup for ice cream. Flatware made specifically in order to be able to turn your head when you eat a favorite treat. The usefulness of this device is also questionable, as its price.

7. USB Pet Rock
Домашний питомец будущего.

Pet of the future.

Domesticated stone. No, you heard right. Some “wise guy” decided that the era of classic Pets passed, and proposes to start a home stone. This is a on – technical progress.

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