Industrial design: 7 examples of Soviet gadgets that will change the view of the industry in those years

Уникальная советская техника.

Unique Soviet equipment.

When talking about the Soviet Union, the last thing vspominay – about gadgets. Today it may be hard to believe, but the USSR really was rather big potential. Who knows what would have been the vector of development of the industry, lay down everything a little differently.

1. Mobile phone
Удачное решение могло бы быть.

A good solution could be.

In April 1957 a radio engineer Leonid Kupriyanovich presented its first mobile phone, called LK-1. The unit weighed about three pounds and had a signal at a distance of 20-30 kilometers from the base station.

2. Microwave
Была в стране и своя микроволновая печь.

Was in the country and own a microwave.

The first prototype microwave oven has appeared in the Soviet Union in 1941. It was a device for processing meat with exposure to ultrahigh frequency currents. Created a sample of the all-Union scientific research Institute of meat industry. The cross on the set of the war. Back to the development of microwave ovens only in 1978. Subsequently, the microwave produced at several plants in the country.

3. The apparatus system of Altai
Система Алтай была не для всех.

System, the Altai was not for everyone.

Another experienced mobile communication system, which was launched in the USSR in 1963 in Moscow. Subsequently, it has spread to 114 cities in the country. Put this product on the official vehicles of the party elite, machine intelligence, and even by taxi.

4. Personal computer
Появлялись и свои ПК.

Appeared and your PC.

Tried to create in the USSR and your own personal computer. For a long time, computers were only used at various industries and universities. The first working machine was created in Kiev by a group of engineers under the leadership of Sergei Lebedev. Personal computers of the citizens began to appear only in the 80-ies of XX century.

5. Laptop
Был сделан даже собственный ноутбук.

Was made even own a laptop.

Despite the fact that personal computers of the citizens in the USSR were very rare, the development of such devices was actively conducted. Was even established your own laptop! The first domestic gadget became “electronica MC 1504”. Serial production of which started only quite at sunset country in 1991.

6. Handheld video game console
Спасибо товарищам из Японии.

Thank you comrades from Japan.

In 1984 the Soviet Union began to make here such here a pocket gaming console. The basis was taken of the Japanese Nintendo, which appeared three years earlier. By the way, some of them fell into the Soviet market.

7. Audio player
Вышел слишком дорогим, а жаль.

Turned out to be too expensive, but sorry.

In 80-e years in the Union appeared and a music player that fits in your pocket (almost) and worked with the tapes MC-60 and MC-90. Unfortunately, these machines did not become mass. The reason was the incredibly high price.

Continuing the theme of the story in the Soviet Union was looking for a perfect sniper rifle for the red army soldiers.

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