Humor: 16 funny photos of pedantry and stewardship of the Germans

Убойные фотографии о немецкой педантичности, которая не знает границ.

Killer photos of German pedantry, which knows no borders.

It would seem that not only the deaf hear about the German pedantry and thirst for order. And how many jokes were created about stewardship of the people of Germany. And if you visit this country, 90 per cent said this was true. And these humorous photos is further proof of that.

1. “What do you have to look like a dump!?”

Ничего необычного, просто свалка автомобилей.

Nothing unusual, just a junkyard.

2. The trash can should be clean and smelling wildflowers

Мытье мусорного бака - обычное занятие.

Wash the garbage can – a common occupation.

3. “Are there people who do not use these covers?!”

Чехлы для мусорных контейнеров.

Covers for the dumpsters.

4. In German the grass is always thicker, greener and bobbed under the line

Загадка: с какой стороны живет немец?

Riddle: which side lives German?

5. Even winter in Germany follows the rules…

Строгая немецкая зима.

Strict German winter.

6. “How to throw belts? They’re like a new one!?”

Никогда, никогда не выбрасывай то, что еще работает.

Never, never throw away something that still works.

7. Shoes can be worn, but the seat stain is impossible in any case!

Простое правило.

Simple rule.

8. And then the tube need to be cut and remove all that is not giving

Что вы знаете об экономии!?

What do you know about the economy!?

9. So much tastier!

Вкусно, ярко, патриотично.

A tasty, bright, Patriotic.

10. Any defect should be enclosed and eliminated!

Добротное ограждение ямы.

A good fence of the pit.

11. Tested quality of water and years

Коротко о немецком качестве.

Briefly about the German quality.

12. The heat, so fashionable!

Куда же без носков?

Where do without socks?

13. Keep your distance and to separate the goods

Дистанция и четкие границы.

Distance and clear boundaries.

14. A meeting of perfectionists? No, just a beach in Germany

Рай для перфекционистов в Германии.

A Paradise for perfectionists in Germany.

15. Filled containers is not a reason to neglect the sort!

Порядок в баках и возле.

The order in tanks and near.

16. Behind the wheel you can safely eat ice cream without worrying that it will fly into the pit!

Только есть надо быстро, чтобы оно не растаяло и не выпачкало руль!

Only is need fast so it melted and not soiled the wheel!

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