Humor: 17 proof that nice people don’t Park

Вопиющие примеры автохамства на парковке.

Glaring examples of avtocesta in the Parking lot.

Whatever rules on Parking is not introduced in our country, but to foreign right is far from us. This is demonstrated by the snapshots of today’s comic review. Surely, someone recognize them in yourself or your neighbor. All good viewing!

1. The only place in the yard

Парковка на верхнем ярусе.

Parking on the top level.

2. “And this one’s parked here for a long time!”

Разместился на ступеньках.

Located on the steps.

3. “All clear, place him in a puddle!”

Чтоб все знали и не совались!

Everyone to know and not to go!

4. Know your place, bad man!

Украсили по достоинству.

Decorated appreciated.

5. Just had to drive as close as possible!

Слишком, слишком близко.

Too, too close.

6. In hot weather, even a little piece of shade – good luck!

Спрятал «морду» в тень.

Hid “face” in the shade.

7. “It looks like it does not bother that he’s standing on a footpath and is there all alone…”

В центре внимания.

The center of attention.

8. It seems that some motorists are not even aware that they represent the white stripes on the asphalt…

Идти против системы.

To go against the system.

9. The insolence out of your hide…

Скромностью тут и не пахнет...

Modesty won’t work here…

10. “Those other machines have won all the seats, I had no other choice!”

На газончики детской площадки - в лучших традициях жанра.

On the lawn of the Playground – in the best traditions of the genre.

11. “Nice car… was… not for long she left…”

Прощай машинка.

Farewell typewriter.

12. “And pedestrians? Pedestrians may adapt!”

Наглые оккупанты.

Arrogant invaders.

13. “Yes, who’s stopping that garbage!? Let them remain!”

Забаррикадировали баки.

Barricaded tanks.

14. Wow, what compact!

Мастер компактной парковки.

Master compact Parking.

Video bonus:
15. “He sounds like one lives in this house!”

Карета у дверей.

The carriage is at the door.

16. Regular Parking turned into a duplex

Припарковался вторым ярусом.

Parked in the second tier.

17. Was in a hurry to get a good seat and still managed!

Занял лучшее место.

Took the best place.

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