Humor: 17 life photos of a complex relationship with its neighbors

Соседей, как и Родину, не выбирают!

Neighbors, as Home, do not choose!

As they say, the neighbors, and country, do not choose. And if one is fortunate enough to live with intelligent pensioners, others will “get” those who love loud music and punch. These photos will probably learn yourself.

1. Three ways fancy eggs

Яичная война соседей.

Egg war of neighbors.

2. When the neighbor and even PAL!

Трогательная переписка вежливых соседей.

Touching correspondence polite neighbors.

3. “A neighbor made flower pots of the heads of the dolls… then I started to stutter!”

Атмосферное украшение подъезда.

Atmospheric decoration of the entrance.

4. “The gym is in the entrance, and why not!?”

«Коротко о том, как я открыл 10 залов по всей стране!»

“About how I opened up 10 gyms across the country!”

5. “Oh, runway romance!”

Когда сосед романтик.

When the neighbor romantic.

6. “It seems that live here are intelligent, educated people!”

Считая ошибки в объявлении, забыла, что покрашено!

Counting error in the listing, forgot what colored!

7. “You tell me where is the Prince!?”

«Белый конь стоит, а принца нет!»

“A white horse is worth, and Prince no!”

8. The operation to rescue neighbor

Флешмоб во имя спасения.

Flash mob in the name of salvation.

9. “Honey, I’m in the hallway, meet me!”

Паранормальные явления в нашем подъезде.

Paranormal activity in our house.

10. “In our house settled wonderful neighbor…”

Уж лучше конь, чем алкоголик!

Better a horse than an alcoholic!

11. “You don’t mind, do you have a little bit of electricity lent!”

Наглость, которая не знает границ.

The arrogance that knows no bounds.

12. “No neighbors, and gold!”

Примирительные сладости.

Conciliatory sweets.

13. “You get the point?”

Это похоже на угрозу и достаточно убедительную!

It’s like a threat and quite convincing!

14. Just some friendly advice!

В каждом подъезде есть алкоголик, строитель и любитель «попрыгать» на кровати.

At each entrance there is an alcoholic, a Builder and a fan of “jump” on the bed.

15. Briefly about how one tenant weaned the whole staircase to open the Windows and made everyone buy air conditioners…

Веселый пасечник и его пчелы.

Funny beekeeper and his bees.

16. “Oh, that guys from the apartment where seven kids!”

Семейная ссора в квартире семерых козлят.

Family quarrel in the apartment seven kids.

17. The Mona Lisa is just what we in the stairwell was not enough!

Совсем другое дело!

It is quite another thing!

Video bonus:

In the course of a humorous theme 17 “lucky ones”, whose day is not explicitly mentioned.

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