7 tips on how to choose a used car and not get on the problem cheap

All drivers know that the best car is new, from the salon. Quite the car to drive a few thousand miles, begin to appear the first problem.

Спустя два десятилетия эксплуатации BMW 5-й серии – это уже далеко не тот супернадежный немецкий автомобиль, каким считался раньше. | Фото: youtube.com.

And with even more mileage any instance can become really problematic. What to look for when choosing a used car, so as not to take candid stuff later in the review.

After two decades of operation of the BMW 5-series – it is not supernational German car, how previously thought.

1. Sweating headlamp

Запотевшая изнутри фара. | Фото: drive2.ru.

Zapotevshie inside the headlight. | Photo: drive2.ru.

Modern automotive headlamp is not just a piece of plastic with a light bulb. It is quite a complex device with delicate electronics inside. Therefore, it is very frustrating if in a sealed casing enters the water.

Vapours can seep in through cracks, the cause of which is likely to be a heavy blow. So seeing sweaty from inside the headlight, it is worthwhile to study the machine on the subject of getting into an accident.

2. Exhaust pipe

Масло в выхлопной трубе и дым сизого цвета означает, что двигателю до капитального ремонта осталось «жить» совсем не долго. | Фото: imperiya-avtostekla.ru и blamper.ru

Oil in the exhaust pipe and the smoke bluish color indicates that the engine overhaul is left to live not so long. | Photo: imperiya-avtostekla.ru and blamper.ru

The presence of oil in the exhaust is a sure sign of heavy wear of the cylinder group. And this, in turn, shows that the engine will soon have “capital”.

Well, this problem is quite easily detected. If you hold your finger on the inner surface of the exhaust pipe, it shall be smeared in black dry soot. But if the engine “eats” oil, soot is oily to the touch.

3. The state of the tires

Замер глубины протектора автомобильной покрышки. | Фото: autogarant.su.

Measure the tread depth of tires. | Photo: autogarant.su.

Inspecting a used car, you should pay attention to standing on her wheel. And all because some drivers before selling the car take off the good wheels and put instead the so-called “bald” tires. These tires have so much wear that they can not be seen grooves or they are very small. When riding in the summer in dry weather it’s not terrible, but the slightest rain can cause accidents.

Therefore, if the vehicle is not a normal tire, you can safely bring down the price.

4. Body gaps

Кривые зазоры бампера могут появиться и при небольших ударах. | Фото: ffclub.ru.

The curves of the bumper gaps may appear in small bumps. | Photo: ffclub.ru.

Many used cars you can see that the gaps between body parts have different thicknesses. And if domestic models did in the Assembly, on the cars is a sign that the car has been in trouble. Uneven gaps around the wings, doors, bonnet, boot indicate bad body repair after an accident. Can also badly closed doors, podklinivat in some places.

Also often this problem occurs on the driver’s door. From repeated use in the mode “open-closed” it simply sags.

5. Repainted parts of the body

Крыло этого автомобиля явно перекрашено. | Фото: drive2.ru.

The wing of this car is clearly repainted. | Photo: drive2.ru.

Looking outside the car, should especially pay attention to the color of the body. The surface of all parts must have the same hue and even roughness. Naturally, time and weather leave on the body traces, but if some element is different, you should more carefully test car involved in the accident.

6. Color of exhaust gas

По цвету выхлопных газов легко выявить некоторые неисправности в двигателе. | Фото: drive2.ru.

By the color of the exhaust is easy to identify some fault in the engine. | Photo: drive2.ru.

By the color of the exhaust gases of the engine are easy to detect some malfunctions. If the cylinders through the gaps gets the oil, smoke gray, with bluish tint. The black smoke indicates that the fuel burns poorly. The reason for this may be as a clogged air filter, or incorrect operation of nozzles.

7. Rust and “Movil”

Если «мовилем» обработано только днище, то машине повезло с хозяином. | Фото: drive2.ru.

If “Movil” only processed the bottom, the car drove with the owner. | Photo: drive2.ru.

Rust on body panels of the vehicle usually does not appear by itself. The abundance of rye or, on the contrary, try to hide it using the “mobile” should be alerted. If we examine machine – not a 20-year instance, it can be assumed that this is a “floater”.

If there is no desire to mend the body and to eliminate the constant failures of electronics, then the car is best avoided.

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