8 Print Design Styles to Know About for 2019

Fans of maximalist print design, rejoice! Next year is going to be defined by eclectic pattern, color, and type that celebrates optimism and eccentricity.

Here we look ahead to 2019 and make our predictions about the styles that will make waves in print design. From high-contrast gradients to 3D typography, make sure to check these out if you want to stay ahead of the curve.

1. Stretched and Warped Type

Don’t tuck your type into the corners of your layouts. Be daring and stretch your headers across the whole page, creating a quirky, decorative effect that makes a bold impact.

If you have nostalgia for Word Art, you’ve got the right spirit. Warp, stretch, and extend your letters and use them in place of images or backgrounds. Layer contrasting and more legible type, like in these poster designs by Julien Hébert, over the top.

2. Paper Collages

Top 10 Print Design Styles to Know About for 2019 - Paper CollageImage by contributor Dzm1try

Flat design is becoming less of a dominant trend in graphic design, so more designers are turning to 3D textures and effects to give their layouts a more immersive quality.

Illustrations and typography in a paper collage style is a growing trend. It’s gaining traction across advertising right now, replacing photos.

This cover design for French magazine Kostar is a great example of how paper collage styles can be combined with strong color palettes and childlike elements to create a really unique and interesting concept for a design.

There’s no need to get out the scissors and glue, though. You can recreate a paper collage style by downloading paper textures. Then, apply those textures to shapes and illustrations in Photoshop.

3. Quirky Serif Fonts

Top 10 Print Design Styles to Know About for 2019 - Quirky SerifsImage by contributor Forest Foxy

While sans-serifs still look fresh and modern, 2019 is going to be the year of the serif revival. In line with the trend for all things maximalist, serif fonts bring a touch of luxury and flamboyance to designs.

To avoid serifs looking stuffy, designers are increasingly turning to serifs with a point of difference. Chiselled styles, Art Nouveau-inspired typefaces (see the visual identity for art magazine La Tempestad) and quirky ligatures and details set these serifs apart.

For a really trend-forward look, mix serif letters with sans-serif characters, like in this branding for The Collectible Fair.

4. Abstract and Painterly Backgrounds

Top 10 Print Design Styles to Know About for 2019 - Abstract and Painterly BackgroundsImage by contributor Lera Eframova

Craft-inspired colors and textures are going to be big next year, and make a more tactile alternative to overly digitized flat design.

This brand identity for underwear brand vivevive uses abstract backgrounds in vintage-inspired colors, which pairs beautifully with a curved serif logo.

Look for painterly backgrounds in bold, abstract styles to use in your own designs. Lera Efremova’s portfolio of artistic backgrounds on the Shutterstock library make for a great starting point.

5. High-Contrast Gradients

Top 10 Print Design Styles to Know About for 2019 - High Contrast GradientsImage by contributor Diana Hlevnjak

Gradients that shift subtly from pale pastels to sharp neons are one of the biggest trends to emerge in design this year.

Next year, gradients will remain a significant trend in print. But, because of pastel-neon saturation, we’re going to see a shift towards more high-contrast gradients. These shift more abruptly from one contrasting color to another, and have more energy and punch as a result.

Try out a deep blue and acid pink combination, like in the visual branding for Martigues theatre Les Salins. Or, try setting contrasting gradients inside simple shapes like in these poster designs for Trieste Estate for a high-impact look.

6. Colorful Geometric Gradient Patterns

Top 10 Print Design Styles to Know About for 2019 - Gradient GeometricsImage by contributor Plasteed

The gradient trend is also developing through its use as a depth-adding tool for illustration. Look for simple shapes and patterns enhanced with a 3D effect through subtle gradients and grainy textures.

In these poster designs for Laracon EU, the style has a distinctly retro edge, especially when paired with modernist-style fonts.

In the visual identity for MASiMAS Festival, designed by Quim Marin, organic shapes are layered on top of each other with varying opacities to create a three-dimensional look.

7. Retro School-Inspired Design

Top 10 Print Design Styles to Know About for 2019 - Retro School-Inspired DesignImage by contributor Goldution

If vintage design is your bag, the retro school trend for 2019 should appeal to you. This trend lifts design elements from 1960s school stationery and signage, such as primary color palettes, simple shapes, and retro-inspired type, and applies them to branding projects.

The visual identity for P.Y.E. Optics takes the trend one step further by creating cheerful, children-inspired stickers as part of their branding design.

The visual identity for print brand Lunch also uses primary brights and simple sans-serif type to create retro-inspired designs.

8. 3D Typography

Top 10 Print Design Styles to Know About for 2019 - 3D TypographyImage by contributor passion artist

Along with warped type (see trend 1, above), we’re going to be seeing more designers experimenting with type in unconventional ways. Good taste be damned-next year is all about going brash and bold with your typography.

Perhaps in part because color fonts are now more readily available as a technology, designers are starting to be much more playful with type. So, 3D typography is going to be huge next year, and this is going to translate particularly well to quirky animated content for brands.

Look to Violaine & Jeremy’s cover design for magazine Yellow Vision to see the 3D type trend in action.

Top image via Forest Foxy.

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