9 photos as the element turns the car into a pile of scrap metal

Every year in the world happens to be a huge number of natural disasters, and almost every element causes multimillion-dollar losses to the insurance companies and the Treasury of States.

У природы нет плохой погоды.

Suffer from the disaster houses, infrastructure, people and cars. That element works with the latest and will be discussed.

There is no bad weather.

1. Hurricane “Harvey”

Харви стал одним из самых разрушительных.

Harvey became one of the most destructive.

Hurricane “Harvey” has become one of the most distressing for motorists in 2017. Element destroyed more than 1 million cars. However, the lion’s share of the car still managed to save, restore, and even sell on the secondary market.

2. Hurricane “Irma”

Последствия Ирмы оценивают до сих пор.

The consequences of Irma appreciate until now.

How many cars have suffered as a result of the sad harvest of the hurricane “Irma” in 2017, experts estimate so far. One only of the island of Saint Martin in the scrap metal has become more than 200 cars.

3. The earthquake in Central Italy

Вот, что творит стихия.

That’s what creates the element.

At the end of last summer, the center of Italy overtook the earthquake of magnitude 6.2 points. The disaster has claimed the lives of hundreds of people and caused billions in losses due to the destruction of infrastructure and buried more than 5 thousand cars.

4. The eruption of mount St. Helens

Неукротимая сила природы.

Indomitable force of nature.

The eruption of the volcano near Seattle in 1980. Within a radius of 15 kilometers from the crater there is not a single machine. However, 350 cars, burned by lava is nothing compared to the 250 homes destroyed, 300 km of destroyed road and 57 missing locals.

5. The cloudburst at Tehachapi

Ужасно выглядит, конечно.

Looks awful, of course.

The consequences of a powerful debris flow in the Californian mountains. Only through the miracle in this incident no casualties. The same cannot be said about the hundreds of wrecked and broken cars.

6. Landslide in Baltimore

Здесь все было не так плохо.

Here it was not so bad.

In April 2014 in Baltimore landslide occurred. His reason was the rain that was pouring without stopping for 2 days. Several cars were buried in the trap from clay and sand.

7. Flooding in fall river

Повезло с названием реки.

Lucky with the name of the river.

Flood in fall-Werever in 2012, triggered by heavy rains and resulting from the exit of the banks of the same river. Police talked about nearly one hundred drowned in the streets, and cars.

8. Tsunami at Ishinomaki

Ужасная катастрофа.

A terrible catastrophe.

This is not an installation of a contemporary artist, and the effects of the tsunami in the Japanese city of Ishinomaki, which was the result of an underwater earthquake with a power of 9.0 points. The element 22 has destroyed thousands of homes, tens of thousands of people and damaged 25 thousand cars. Slightly less than half of them are not subject.

9. Forest fire in Portugal

Сгорело все, ничего не спасли.

All burned, nothing saved.

Too wet? The consequences of forest fires in Portugal last summer. It burned hundreds of cars and killed at least 63 people.

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