The Best Background Images for All of Your Marketing Needs

Backgrounds set the tone for any marketing material. Learn how to make the most of any image and get some design inspiration with these 14 versatile backgrounds.

Whether you’re creating a brand new logo, a presentation deck, a seasonal promotion, or a web banner, you can instantly transform the look and feel of your composition with the help of backgrounds.

Backgrounds aren’t just confined to solid colors or subtle patterns; they also include trendy illustrations, vector graphics, flat lays, and more. Backgrounds for the retail industry will vary from those in the tech category. So, choosing the best graphic for your marketing materials is crucial for communicating your message.

Read on to discover fourteen backgrounds that are suitable for various industries and applications, along with how to style them to best fit your needs.

Retail Backgrounds

Retail-themed backgrounds are a great way to promote an upcoming sale or a workshop. The key to a successful retail composition is choosing an image that clearly communicates the context of the design.

A trendy yet minimal collection of clothes lends itself to a capsule wardrobe workshop. Meanwhile, a punchy and bright image of sneakers helps to engage viewers in a spring sneaker sale.

When incorporating text over your background, be sure to contrast the color of the font with the color of your image. Use dark hues on a light background, and light hues on a dark background. Sample the color of your text from an accent color in the background to tie all aspects of your composition together.

Social Media Backgrounds

Bring attention to your own special sale with the help of eye-catching fitness or floral graphics. Let your background image take the stage, or use it to supplement the content material.

Our free Shutterstock Editor program contains multiple social media templates to choose from, from Facebook images to Pinterest graphics. Use these default templates for inspiration, or take them up a notch by personalizing the background and text to your needs.

Business Backgrounds

Alluring images of skyscrapers or trendy isometric illustrations are a surefire way to attract your audience to the event or announcement you’re promoting. A way to spruce up this glass building is to be creative with overlaying shapes. Mimic the angles of the skyscraper with a shapes tool, then add text to describe the content of your graphic.

For images with ample copy space, simply write out the graphic contents, then apply the background image hues to tie your typography into the composition. A call to action, or CTA, helps to direct and engage viewers to visit a specific site.

Vector Backgrounds

Vector backgrounds can be incorporated into a variety of marketing materials. These versatile backgrounds aren’t confined to a single industry or design. You can use the same images for a marketing presentation, social media designs, and event graphics.

The best part about vector graphics are their ability to be edited to fit your needs. It’s easy to change a black and white vector pattern to a navy and gold background with the help of a vector editing software, such as Adobe Illustrator.

For busier vector backgrounds, experiment with creating a solid shape on top of the vector background to help tone down its intensity. For more fluid or gradient-like backgrounds, incorporate a bold sans serif or slab serif font to dictate the context of the graphic.

Copy Space Backgrounds

Copy space backgrounds provide ample amounts of room for text and other graphics. These backgrounds are ideal for promoting your logo, event, or sale. The options are endless; get creative with various filters and effects, font pairings, or blend modes to make the most of the image.

Be sure not to flood the background with extensive amounts of text. Instead, let the copy work with elements in your background. For example, simple brackets provide an ideal area to place your text in, while also giving your composition some breathing room.

Tech Backgrounds

As the tech industry continues to expand, so does the use of tech-themed backgrounds. Incorporate futuristic and data-driven backgrounds to help you present upcoming technology trends or promote your firm’s services and products.

Data streams and isometric illustrations are heavily used in the tech industry. Connected lines, dots, and computers clearly communicate to viewers as to what is being promoted. In this category, let the background image speak on its own; don’t overwhelm the background with too much information.

Real Estate Backgrounds

Capture the feeling of renting or buying a home with the help of eye-catching real estate backgrounds. Promote an opening in a specific area, or advertise the service of real estate agents.

These backgrounds can be used in digital formats across social media channels or incorporated into your website header or homepage. Always be sure to include your logo or a clickable website URL to navigate interested customers to your site. An established brand presence helps customers make the connection when they want to use your services.

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