Fashion: it is better not to wear to a job interview, or what can tell the color of the clothes

Психология цвета и советы по грамотному выбору нарядов.

Color psychology and tips on proper choice of outfits.

When someone has an important event or interview for a new position, you need to consider any little thing down to the colors of the outfit. After all, appearance can play a decisive role in the adoption of leadership selection in one direction or another.

1. Contrasting outfits

Контрастные сочетания в одежде.

Contrasting combinations of clothing.

Wear contrasting colors suggests that before you domineering man who likes to control and dominate. Such combinations can afford business people in managerial positions or those who want to impress a business partner. However, if you have a job interview for the position of an ordinary slave or meet the parents of the partner, from a similar outfit should be abandoned.

2. An outfit in pastel colours

Пастельные тона в одежде.

Pastel colors in clothes.

If you need to make a good impression, choose a dress in soft pastel shades. These colors speak of the softness, flexibility and accommodation of nature. That kind of person. Looking for a person in this outfit, understand that it is not going to make scandals out of the blue, to weave or to commit dastardly deeds. Business set in the noble pastel shades are perfect for an interview for the position of sales assistant, Secretary, Manager, educator or animator. But for the first acquaintance with the parents of his halves fit dress muted blue, pink or beige.

3. Clothes yellow shades

Наряды в желтом цвете.

Outfits in yellow.

Yellow teases and attracts attention. This outfit, like a flash, immediately catches the eye and does not get lost in the crowd. However, he talks about the naivety, the ability to obey the feelings of a partner, to be sweet and passionate at the same time. Outfits sun shades are ideal for romantic meetings of solitary walks, and evening wear in light. But for interviews and business meetings clothing in yellow, categorically not suitable as is associated with a carefree stay. Personality in this bright and Sunny appearance in the eyes of colleagues or partners will look childish and unprofessional.

4. Outfits in blue hues

На собеседование – в синем!

The interview is in blue!

Perhaps the most versatile color in the palette is blue. It is almost all suitable for any output. According to experts on recruitment, blue is the perfect color for the applicant. It is associated with calmness, reliability, competence and confidence. Not coincidentally, the uniform of many organizations is made in blue colors. In everyday and evening outfits, blue color indicates the reliability, elegance and harmony. In the eyes of men, a woman in blue – calm melody, restrained, elegant and mysterious.

5. Men in black

Черные цвета в одежде.

Black color in clothing.

Black color choose a serious, reliable and conservative personality. Like blue, it is universal. In the business environment, the man in the black suit associated with a Mature, responsible person. In everyday life, stylish black outfit be it a suit, dress or set in a casual style, tells people that in front of them demanding, she is a self-identity.

6. Green palette

Наряды в зеленых оттенках.

Outfits in shades of green.

Green color included in the palette of natural colors. Man dressed in green clothing evokes a feeling of peace, harmony and tranquility. Psychologists say that the presence of green in the outfit creates trust and helps develop relationships. However, be careful with this shade, if your work involves a high degree of responsibility requires a rigid and strict. With regard to evening wear, the outfits in various shades of green accentuate your elegance, sensuality and nobility. In men, this color is associated with youth, comfort and sensuality.

7. Grey

Серый цвет для работы и жизни.

Grey for work and life.

“Neither fish nor fowl” – that the traits of grey men. Even the Frank grey dress will not produce furor. In the eyes of men, the woman in gray – a bundle of complexes, mousy and shy. But for a business dress code, clothing in gray is ideal. Outfits of different shades of grey will be the best solutions Achara, Secretary, HR specialist, Executive assistant.

8. White outfits

Белый цвет одежды.

White color clothes.

Despite the fact that white is associated in men with the bride’s attire, most of them are crazy about women who wear this color. In the business atmosphere in the white suit is not too relevant as the shade itself is associated with relaxation and celebration. However, if you are working in the field of organizing events – you can safely wear white. In everyday life, the white stuff will be a great background for other shades.

9. Purple and its shades

Одежда в фиолетовых тонах.

Clothing in shades of purple.

Violet – refers to magical shades. It is called the color of mystery, of intuition and inspiration. The office dress code is better to use dark shades of this color such as plum and eggplant. Lilac can also be included in an office outfit, but as complementary colors. According to psychologists, the purple color is able to reduce the passions and create the aura of an astute, intelligent and confident person.

10. Red outfit

Провокационный красный.

Provocative red.

Red – aggressive, daring, sexy. Wear red according to that you are confident, tough and uncompromising man. In the workplace this outfit can allow myself the leader, the person with pronounced leadership qualities. In everyday and evening style, red clothing will help to Express themselves, to attract attention. Red clothing straightforward hides a passionate personality, often in conflict, unable to make concessions.

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11. Accessories

Аксессуары, которые отпугивают.

Accessories that repel.

Accessories can help, and can and on the contrary to play against you. So it is worth remembering that if you are going for a job interview, a romantic date or business meeting, you should avoid sharp collars, jewelry with spikes and blades. These accessories instinctively push people away, forcing them to keep their distance.

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