Fashion: 14 things comes from the 90’s, which in the current season are considered to be all the rage

Вещи без которых не обойтись этим летом.

Things which can not do without this summer.

As you know, fashion is a capricious lady. And if one season’s popular skirts and polka-dot dress, then the next year everything can be exactly the opposite. Similar trends are observed this spring. Designers announced fashion items that most of us wore in the 1990-ies

1. Peas

Одежда в горох.

Clothes in peas.

“Peas” is one of the classic patterns that never goes out of fashion for several decades. New season – a kind of reincarnation of a favorite print. In the season spring-summer of 2018 designers generously graced the big and small polka dots MIDI skirt, classic suits and dresses. Stylists assure that the clothes in peas can bring in the way of its owner touch of lightness and romance.

2. Waist bag

Поясная сумка-бананка.

Fanny pack-bananka.

Greetings from the distant 90-ies in fashion began returning small waist bags. Only if in the past they were associated exclusively with the employees of the market now become a stylish accessory for fashionistas. This bag goes well with almost all outfits and wear it too. Buttoned Fanny pack at the waist, you can nicely emphasize the waist. Combine it with a silhouette dresses, clothes in the linen style, business jackets, sports outfits and also clothes in casual style.

3. Pop art

Принты в стиле поп-арт.

Prints in pop art style.

A combination of bright and catchy images characteristic of pop art, inspired designers Versace, Calvin Klein and Delpozo to create extraordinary collections. Skirts, dresses and shirts saturated colors with a large scene pictures will bring in the casual look of sharpness and freshness. Girls who dream about the title of style icon can’t do without denim jackets, embellished with embroidery and a large painting in the style of pop art.

4. Animal print

Одежда с животными принтами.

Clothing with animal prints.

In fashion again returned daring animal prints. They inspired the designers to create whole lines of fashion images. The latest for spring and summer was leopard print, Zebra stripes and colors that mimic the skin of a Python. The interesting point is that the animal prints this summer are pictured in bright red, yellow, blue or purple background.

5. Wide-leg pants



Pants-pipes – another trend, returning to the Olympus of fashion from the past. Straight wide – leg pants are not only stylish thing, but also a piece of clothing can emphasize the dignity and hide figure flaws. The most advantageous stylists consider a model with a high waist and hands. These pants are perfect for girls with a type of shape pear, hourglass and inverted triangle. Wide leg pants-pipes suitable for daily trips to the office and for an evening out in the light, a universal thing for all occasions.

6. Crocs

Кроксы на платформе со стразами.

Crocs on the platform with rhinestones.

Rubber Slippers with holes just won the famous designers with their simplicity, convenience and non-trivial. This season this simple footwear has become a real must have. It should be noted that the type of crocs has changed. In the trend model on a platform decorated with rhinestones, and stones. Of course, shoes of this type is highly specific and is suitable only for walks in the Park or sitting in cafes.

7. Asymmetry

Асимметричные вещи.

Asymmetrical things.

In contrast to the easy – difficult shapes and asymmetry, in all its manifestations. It can be subtle, as in the dresses with one strap, or bold, when one side of the dress is much longer than the other. Very advantageous to look layered tunics with asymmetrical cut and things denim.

8. Loose cut

Платья свободного кроя.

Dress free cut.

Every year the pace of life accelerates and fashion is becoming more comfortable and technologically advanced. One of the most popular destinations is activewear that is “simple and convenient”. So, to replace the slinky dresses came free easy sundresses and shirt-dresses. These things are universal, suitable for all types of figures and can be combined with heels and with sneakers.

9. Eclectic

Эклектичные принты.

Eclectic prints.

Eclecticism in fashion again, especially if we are talking about prints. So lovers of bold experiments stylists give the green light. This season welcomes the combination of geometric prints with animals. Also advantageous will look things plaid and striped, patchwork, animalism and pop art.

10. Tuxedo pants

Брюки с лампасами.

Tuxedo pants.

Once these pants were part of military uniforms, and are now one of the most fashionable attributes of a woman’s wardrobe. Vertical stripes on the sides of the stretched silhouette and slim, and of various styles allow you to choose something to their liking. Among the hottest trends: wide pants to the floor and cropped pants sport type. The first should be combined exclusively with the heels, and the second can be worn with elegant sandals and sneakers. Individual attention, jeans with stripes who appreciate a bold and confident girls.

11. Brown

Одежда коричневых оттенков.

Wear brown shades.

This year the designers were inspired by earthy shades. Brown, marsh, sand, terracotta – this is not a complete list of fashionable colors. The most daring girls designers recommend to pay attention to the images created in one color. If you think it’s boring, dilute the outfit a contrast thing, or accessories.

12. Vertical stripes

Одежда с вертикальными полосками.

Clothing with vertical stripes.

In place of the usual horizontal stripes came vertical. Clothes with this print elongates the silhouette and help you appear taller and slimmer. The most spectacular and fashionable things, according to the stylists, will be the pants in broad contrast stripes. Well, for those who just want to get a universal thing, look to the classic shirt in fine blue or blue stripes.

13. Red

Одежда красного цвета.

Clothing red.

The hottest, fashion and sexy color in this season is red. This is not surprising because the girl in this dress is unlikely to go unnoticed. No matter what you choose – total outfit or accessory fashionable colors, the efforts were not in vain.

14. Plastic

Вещи из пластика.

Things made of plastic.

Despite the fact that a promised sunset the trend for clothing made of cloth and plastic, that did not happen. Moreover, the trend has only strengthened their positions. Rainwear, raincoats, hats, bags, boots, and sandals continue to appear in collections of famous designers. Clothing and accessories made of PVC is perfectly combined with any clothes and styles.

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