Harland and Wolff workers go back to work after shipyard saved

Harland then Wolff employees have sent back to work at the shipyard when sale of the closure-threatened feature.

The Harland and as well Wolff cranes have in size dominated the east Belfast skyline File photo: 2003/Paul McErlane/Reuters

When the dockyard – famous for building i would say the ill-fated Titanic – typed in administration earlier in warmer summer months, many staff accepted an actual redundancy payment.

But a group of 79 employees held a sit-in work protest for the past nine times, and were reinstated where Harland & Wolff had rescued by new as well as this week.

They had cheers as the workers stormed through the gates in Belfast at 9am.

Harland and Wolff appeared to be bought for 6 mil pounds ($7. 3m) just by InfraStrata, a London-based insurance company} that specialises in electrical energy infrastructure projects.

Steel worker furthermore GMB trade union garage steward Barry Reid noted Thursday morning at the shipyard gates as “the functioning we prayed would come”.

“Everybody is ordinarily ecstatic at what has already happened, we believed in us, we believed in the company, we are proved right, ” he / she said. “It’s a great time for the workers of Western Ireland. ”

Harland and Wolff’s six to eight weeks giant ship cranes cash named Samson and Goliath – have dominated the very east Belfast skyline for a long period.

InfraStrata acknowledged it planned to increase the figures on the workforce by array over the next five a number of.

Earlier as soon as possible, chief executive John Wood told: “Harland and Wolff is known as the landmark asset and its name as one of the finest multipurpose manufacturation facilities in Europe would be testament to its highly skilled unit in Belfast. ”

Believe in yourselves and be very proud of her. Now, let’s get back to work

Joe Passmore, steelworker

Of an Northern Ireland secretary Train Lloyd and Ulster Unionist MLA Andy Allen experienced among a number of supporters may make turned out on Thursday forenoon a.m.

Steel worker and Unite union look around steward Joe Passmore addressed the workers briefly before they begin to walked through the shipyard gateways:

“What we have got achieved has been historic, alone he said. “Every associated with the us needs to be extremely pleased with ourselves. We can see what we could possibly achieve when we go through will be – it’s going to set the society alight.

“It’s the new Harland and Wolff; we’re the community that is going to formulate that new Harland or Wolff, so believe in yourselves and be very proud of her. ”

To help promote cheers, he added: “Now, let’s get back to work. ”

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