What Premier Clients Love About Shutterstock

Following an overall customer satisfaction survey, we analyzed the results and determined the three things that are most important to our customers. Here’s what our Premier clients had to say.

Customer satisfaction is one of the most important goals in any business. All business stakeholders – from the owners, the marketers, the developers, the support team, and so on – want clients to be satisfied with their work.

Customer satisfaction also supports long-term objectives for your business. Clients who are happy with your products, solutions, and level of service are more likely to agree to renew. Increasing renewals and reducing churn are key to any brand’s future.

Research shows that it costs five times more to attract new customers than to retain existing ones. Customer retention also increases the overall profitability of your business. It really is simple math if you think it through. Reducing spend on new acquisitions and offsetting that with long-term client relationships is your ROI. In fact, companies that increase retention rates by only 5% will yield higher rates of return up to 95% over current net profits.

What Premier clients love about Shutterstock

It was through the prism of understanding what our clients love that we undertook a customer satisfaction survey.

Hundreds of clients, based in markets all over the world, participated in this survey. Responses were submitted in 18 different languages from December 2018 through January 2019. Participants were from multiple industry verticals. This includes large creative agencies, corporate enterprises, media organizations, and production studios.

The results show our premier clients have an overall high level of satisfaction with Shutterstock. Specifically, respondents said there are 3 key areas that address their needs.

  1. They love the quality of our content

Shutterstock is a leading global technology platform for high-quality content and creative services. Clients satisfaction with our content is very important. Thankfully, the overall perception of Shutterstock’s premier content is a positive one.

  • The average respondent uses between 2 and 3 platforms to select royalty-free content.
  • Shutterstock’s premier platform is the number one choice for royalty-free content amongst our current customers.
  • About 1 in 6 respondents said Shutterstock’s premier solutions are their preferred choice for content.
  • 81% percent of respondents were either “very satisfied” or “somewhat satisfied” with Shutterstock’s Premier solutions over all other options.

Content is also where clients expect Shutterstock to continue making investments. Two of the three top priorities, amongst respondents in all verticals, were greater commitments to more breadths of content, and more exclusive content.

Both of those expectations make perfect sense from a business perspective. Localized content marketing has become a standard procedure for global businesses. People are far more likely to engage with content that’s authentic and speaks to their needs at a personal level. Content is more authentic when it aligns to the look and feel of a community rather than showcasing an entirely different market. Shutterstock’s continued commitment to authentic content helps clients achieve their goals of greater personalization and localization.

  1. We have industry-leading search technology

What’s even better than having authentic and high-quality content? The ability to quickly and easily find that content.

  • The fact of the matter is that today’s marketer is busier than ever.
  • Most marketers at large brands or creative agencies wear multiple hats in their roles.
  • They manage many different projects on increasingly tighter deadlines.
  • They have little bandwidth to spare and must do more with less.

Time is an invaluable commodity for people in these types of roles. That’s why we pride ourselves on our industry-leading search technology. Our search capabilities help clients find the right content faster and easier. We often boast that we have over 2 billion images stored on our platform, but you only need one to support a specific need. Our search features help you filter to the perfect content so you can free up time for other needs.

Many clients use our search features to comp specific pieces of content for a quick need or deadline. A comp is a free, non-watermarked, and high-resolution image that clients can download on the spot. Clients with multiple project stakeholders use comps to quickly get approval on a piece of content before fully licensing the asset. This feature also saves time by streamlining approval workflows ahead of a campaign launch. According to the customer satisfaction survey, clients appreciate that they can search and comp in no time at all. Essentially, they get buy-in before they buy.

  1. Our professional services teams streamline creativity

An abundance of quality content and the means to find it quickly and easily is all well and good. But, to borrow a few lines from Bruce Springsteen, people still appreciate when they can:

“Share a little of that human touch. Feel a little of that human touch.”

– Bruce Springsteen

Clients feel relationships with their account managers at Shutterstock have and will continue to improve. Given that many clients admit they wear multiple hats and are under tight deadlines, a helpful hand is an appreciative gesture.

However, it’s not just the user that benefits from professional services. Businesses, as a whole, benefit as well. Similar to our search capabilities, our support teams help premier clients save very limited time when searching for the right types of content. Our platform includes free content research on demand, which removes the menial task of finding fresh content from the client altogether. This is another feature that saves clients valuable working time. Time saved equals money saved and increases the overall level of customer satisfaction.

Shutterstock Premier content available for your needs

We pride ourselves on our client support services, our leading search capabilities, and especially our variety of content. Shutterstock Premier clients recognize these features are benefits for their businesses. Collectively, they have contributed to an overall high level of customer satisfaction with our services.

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