Lifehack: Japanese made knife made from foil, which is still sharper than the “real”

In the kitchen you can do without many things: for example, no ice cream in the freezer or snacks in every cupboard. But without what precisely not to cook dinner, so it is without a good knife.

And while novice cooks meticulously selected knives in stores, Japan is once again ahead of the rest. There figured out how to make knives out of tinfoil. Cut even better than “real”!

Foil – a thing the extremely necessary thing for every kitchen. But shiny aluminum sheets will be useful not only for baking or preserving food fresh.

Japanese knife foil is not a toy.

Японский нож из фольги – это вам не игрушки.
Нож из фольги потребует истинно японского терпения.

Knife foil would require a true Japanese patience.

The unexpected potential of the foil revealed in his video Japanese video blogger-artist under the name Kiwami Japan. The guy showed that of conventional foil can be an unusual knife. Not a toy, and quite a functional device for the kitchen. Of course, it takes a bit of skill and lots of true Japanese patience, but the result is worth it.

Не доставайте втулку сразу.

Do not remove the bushing from.

The Japanese took an ordinary kitchen foil, and pulled it out of the box with cardboard sleeve.

Японец молотком ровняет рулон фольги.

Japanese hammer leveled a roll of aluminum foil.

Not turning roll, the guy started with a hammer to level it to a flat state.

Удаление втулки.

Deletion of the sleeve.

Then Kiwami forceps removed the tapered sleeve…

Лист должен быть максимально плоским.

The sheet should be as flat as possible.

…and continued with a hammer to level the foil. Aim – from a roll to flat, but rather thick (by layering).



To the foil sheet was solid, with no discernible layers, the guy warmed the workpiece above the burner. Slightly podplavlenie layers of foil bonded better with each other.

Изготовление трафарета.

The manufacture of the stencil.

Now that his hands were more or less uniform piece of foil, a blogger, put on your favorite chef knife, and gently circled the contour of the marker.

Резка по контуру.

Contour cutting.

Finish the contour cut guy next knife…

Чтобы слои фольги лучше сцепились друг с другом.

The layers of foil are better grappled with each other.

… and again warmed “blank” over the fire included burners.

Получилось две одинаковые половинки ножа.

You get two identical halves of the knife.

In the process you get two identical halves of the knife, which the Japanese shared. Work he continued with one of them, and the second was “in reserve” if suddenly something will not work.

И снова ровняем.

And again leveled.

Working half the blogger again carefully equated with a hammer. Oh, this Japanese pedantry!


Парень использовал несколько разных поверхностей для шлифовки.

The guy used several different surfaces for grinding.

Now remains how to grind knife sharpening stones,…

Деревянная ручка закреплена шурупами.

Wooden handle fixed with screws.

… and to attach a wooden handle.

Вот такой получился красавчик.

That turned out so pretty.

The result of Japanese were satisfied.

Осторожно: острый!

Caution: sharp!

Cuts as keenly as his metal counterpart.

The entire process of creating a knife from the foil guy recorded on video. And it’s a month scored over 3 million hits!

The Japanese in General know a lot about knives. Here you can watch Japanese method of sharpening a knife without a stone, a subject that is always at hand.

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