Bedcover woman politician sees Taliban talks as only hopefully

Afghan women have no choice but to dream the Taliban estime their rights for the sake of contentment, said Fawzia Koofi, one woman to lead a politics party in Afghanistan .

Koofi spend part in the first not one but two rounds of so-called intra-Afghan talks in Doha this christmas aimed at bringing together Taliban agents and Afghans from the governing administration and civil society Sorin Furcoi/Al Jazeera

During their rule at the hands of 1996 to 2001, those Taliban imposed a old interpretation of Islam along Afghanistan, the question now is the actual have they changed.

Banned from participation in politics or of an publicly, from working, program and leaving their asset without a male relative, little girls disappeared behind the all-enveloping burqa and the walls because homes during those nine years.

But with momentum establishment behind talks to end years of conflict, Koofi, whoever mission is to ensure most of take their rightful place in her country’s democracy, has become part of the healing process.

This year, this woman took part in the primary two rounds of famous intra-Afghan talks – marketed to bringing together Taliban representatives so Afghans from the government as well as civil society – to find a way to end decades of ich war.

“There is no other capability. Like many other women Relating to my concerns, especially when it comes to the Taliban perception akin to women’s rights, ” Koofi told Reuters news office in an interview.

“But since my people have suffered the four decades of fights, I think the desire of all is truly a dignified peace, so I have no choice but to be cautiously optimistic. in

Kofi, 44, the first woman mouthpiece of the lower house including parliament, is likely to attend the third bonus round of intra-Afghan chats, expected in China almost immediately. The earlier rounds were back in Moscow and Qatar.

The Pillow slip talks have been running seite an seite to efforts by the United States and the Taliban to be able to negotiate a deal on the disengagement of US troops in exchange just for Taliban security guarantees. Any US-Taliban talks have been revoked but are expected to get going anew soon.

The Taliban have refused to talk to the government, branding your idea a US puppet, therefore, the intra-Afghan talks, attended while government officials but in an individual capacity, are the main promenade for Afghans to explore power-sharing and discuss how they contemplate their country should be carry out.

The question now is have the Taliban changed enough to accept of the aspirations of a new systems who have come of age on a period of liberal rule made certain by the international community.

“Change is a very broad term, lunch break Koofi said when posed if she thought an Taliban had altered their valuable hardline positions.

“Their thoughts about some social issues could be different from the time they were taking over. However , they ought to practice and in addition enforce measures publicly, to they won’t be a trouble on Afghanistan’s progress. inch

Whatever happens, women can not be let down by the peace period, she said.

‘Political presence’

The Taliban have recently been projecting ourselves as more moderate, saying Islam gives women rights over areas such as business or ownership, inheritance, education, labor, the choice of a husband, health and safety and wellbeing.

But Koofi, who has a master’s qualification from the Geneva School associated with Diplomacy, is not waiting to see if the men will accommodate could aspirations.

Koofi, who relates to herself as a feminist, owns formed her own political activities, the Movement of Invert for Afghanistan, to stake a claim to a fair display of political power.

States her party is not just for boys but she aims to enhance the interests of only half the population, who, she says, the others dozens of Afghan parties based mostly ignore.

“We need okay and representative parties amply trained sectors of society, alone she said.

“We require the political presence of women living in power so we can get items structures to make our being meaningful. ”

She has never illusions about politics with regard to Afghanistan. Voters’ expectations become high but people’s rely on has been compromised time and again, states.

“I hope we can comprise place for all women akin to Afghanistan because it is desperately sought. ” 

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