Luxury yacht Ida Pfeiffer for the “cold” adventure

Designers have created incredible new yacht for “adventure” tourism, the main feature of which is that it will help to enjoy leisure in the coldest places of the world ocean.

Яхта для настоящих приключений.

Yacht for adventure.

Looks really cool.

Выглядит действительно круто.

When talking about luxury yachts, you immediately think about traveling somewhere warm. But the creators of the ship Ida Pfeiffer decided to literally break this cumbersome template and created a boat to explore the most cold and harsh regions of the world ocean.

Created the ship designers and designers of company Globe Regal Yachting. In the project there were also involved such well-known (in the industry) of the enterprise, as Gill Schmid Designs of New York and Dörries Yachts.

Для самых разных вод.

For a variety of waters.

What happened at the exit of the Doc? And out incredible cruiser with a displacement of 1,500 tons diesel-electric powertrain. The yacht can without any problems to visit the coldest parts of the planet. This vessel has all the necessary equipment already in their basic configuration. On the ship watch bears 15 crew members and can accommodate up to 14 guests.

Выглядит крайне интересно.

Looks very interesting.

Equipment at Ida Pfeiffer reflects the level of luxury yachts. Here is everything you need. On Board the yacht can land a small helicopter. It also has a small dock for sailing yachts, jet skis and the one-class submarine “Triton”. Thus, guests will have access to the most exotic ways to entertain themselves in the middle of the ocean

Напичкана всем по максимуму.

All stuffed to the max.

The boat feels on the ice, thanks to a set of innovative solutions. The important point is that Ida Pfeiffer can take place in relatively shallow water. About the cruising speed of the vessel is, unfortunately, nothing is known.

На встречу приключениям.

To meet adventures.

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