Man City’s Sterling pranks John Stones and Jordan Pickford

Stones, Sterling’s England and Manchester City team-mate, was filmed fast asleep in his England attire when Sterling held his nose.

Raheem Sterling shared an amusing video on his Instagram where he pranked his England team-mates but John Stones looked far from happy at being targeted by the 22-year-old.

Stones jolted awake, confused, and appeared push Sterling away from him. He looked far from amused, despite Sterling’s laughter.

John Stones was woken up by England and Manchester City team-mate Raheem Sterling

Stones looked far from impressed at being woken up by Sterling and pushed the camera away

City saw the funny side, tweeting their two players saying ‘You gotta watch yourself around @Sterling7, Stonesy!’

The reaction of Stones only served to encourage Sterling’s prankster mode.

His next target was Everton goalkeeper Jordan Pickford, who had also nodded off on England’s flight back from Lithuania, from where Gareth Southgate’s side were returning after a 1-0 win in World Cup qualifying.

Pickford took the joke better than Stones, shaking him off laughing as Sterling filmed him.

Upon their return to England, Sterling and Stones will return to City and prepare for their next Premier League encounter at home against Stoke.

City took to Twitter to laugh about Sterling’s video pranking team-mate Stones

Sterling then turned his attention to Everton goalkeeper Jordan Pickford

Stones and Sterling are now preparing for City’s Premier League match against Stoke

City are currently top of the Premier League table, edging rivals Manchester United with a superior goal difference of 20, compared to United’s 19.

Pickford and Everton, meanwhile, are away at Brighton where they will hunt three points to help rejuvenate their season after an underwhelming start.

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