Industrial design: the 5 worst Russian guns, according to the Americans

Нету хуже карате.

No worse than karate.

Authoritative American weapons expert named five of the worst guns made in the Soviet Union and in modern Russia. In grief-the list of Charlie Gao horrible as well-known models that are familiar to the majority of people and pistols designed to solve “special” problems.

1. “Dart”
Не совсем плохой, но все еще неудовлетворительный.

Not really bad, but still unsatisfactory.

The first was criticized pistol OTS-23 “Dart” made chambered for 5.45×18 mm. Weapons of the same large size and weighs one kilogram. This alone makes it a weapon rather pointless. In addition, the cartridge of the “Dart” is rather weak. The initial energy of the bullet is increased to 128 j. For comparison, 9 mm Parabellum, this figure is 481 George.

The only advantage of the pistol cartridge it can penetrate soft body armor, which, for example, can the cartridge Makarov. Adopt “Dart” and was not accepted, limited to a small party for the interior Ministry.

2. The revolver Nagant model 1895
Худший пистолет рейтинга.

The worst gun rating.

This revolver was the personal weapon in the Russian and Soviet army until the 30-ies of XX century, until the Tokarev pistol. Charlie Gao asserts that given them a “five” this revolver is the worst candidate. Its design was incredibly archaic. The revolver is very tight descent. He has a horrible system of loading of cartridges, which loses much of the convenience and speed of the drum fill when comparing weapons with the British and French models.

The advantages of a revolver, adds Gao, is still there. He had a very simple design, allowing easy to repair. Moreover, the revolver was the muffler, which is rare for revolvers.

3. P-96
Попытка создать свой Глок.

Attempt to create your Glock.

Russian P-96 was the first attempt to create a domestic Glock. The gun was made chambered for 9×19, however, military trials never took place. It was subsequently adapted for the cartridge 9х17 for private security companies. However, after this commercial success, the gun had no effect, as it failed to compete even with good old Makarovym. In the late 90-ies of the last century the production of gun it was decided to collapse.

4. “Swift”
Отличный мог бы выйти пистолет, но нет.

Great could get a gun, but no.

The new Russian gun “Strizh” could get a great weapon. It allows very accurate and fast to shoot and comfortable enough. However, according to Gao, the “Swift” has a terrible flaw. Even for special weapons it is too complicated. Moreover, the gun turned out to be surprisingly unreliable. Happens to a lot of jam liner, which significantly reduces the rate of firing. Finally, the gun is fuzzy and rather tight descent.

5. The Yarygin Pistol
Все очень грустно у этого оружия.

All very sad at this weapon.

This gun was adopted in the Russian army for service in 2003 and since then has become a real headache for the military. The gun uncomfortable and too much to handle. Too wide front sight, not allowing enough to effectively aim while firing. Besides weapons, there are a dozen more unpleasant “features”. A fine example of how not to make weapons for the army.

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