Russia introduced new labelling of food and that’s what she “threatened” to each

To eat or not to eat – that is the question. And every day ask yourself the millions of people reading the labels on products in the supermarket. Which, incidentally, is a very useful habit. But now to make a choice in favor of one or another of the sweets will be easier.

С лета 2018-го большинство продуктов питания получат новую маркировку.

And all thanks to the new labelling system, which will appear in stores in the summer. So why label products for new and than it threatens consumers?

Since the summer of 2018, the most food will receive the new marking.

Вкусное или полезное? Выбрать станет проще.

Delicious or useful? To choose will become easier.

Delicious is rarely useful, and helpful – delicious. You can argue with this, but it’s hard to deny the obvious: the typical sweets or processed foods from boxes almost always drop a “Hello” in the form of extra inches on the waist and high cholesterol in the blood. Unless, of course, be abused. Just to prevent abuse, since this summer, most food will receive a new color-coded.

Now to calculate hazard among the mountains of Goodies will be easier.

Прежде, чем покупать, покупателей призывают обратить внимание на цвет маркировки.

Before buying, customers are encouraged to pay attention to the color markings.

Since almost all products, which include salt, sugar, TRANS fats and fatty acids will get bright colored icon on the packaging. All will be entered three different color designations: green, if the number of the above substances in the product does not exceed the permissible daily intake; yellow, if “harm” in the composition at an acceptable level; red if their content is above the permissible value. Sort of a “traffic light” healthy eating.

Системы цветных маркировок существуют во многих странах.

System of color markings exist in many countries.

A similar labelling system exists in many countries. For example, in Finland the red icon on the products indicates the high salt content. And people who are prone to cardiovascular diseases, studiously avoid them. In Russia, the innovation is aimed at combating obesity and diabetes of the 2nd type.

И как, поможет?

And how that will help?

So with the summer to follow a more balanced diet will be easier. Although many “scary” red stop from buying another bar or a pack of sausages?

What are guaranteed to get the “red light”, so it’s 10 foods that are slowly killing the organism.

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