Society: 18 specific prohibitions that exist only in North Korea

It would seem that in the XXI century everywhere need to thrive, freedom of speech, thoughts, etc. However, it is now possible to find many countries where people live under the total control of the state.

Today we collected 18 specific prohibitions that exist only in North Korea.

Absurd prohibitions in North Korea.

1. To listen to foreign music

Запрещено слушать музыку зарубежных исполнителей.

It is forbidden to listen to foreign music.

In North Korea it is forbidden to listen to foreign music. To get such music is illegal and is strictly punishable by law. TV and radio under tight state control, so the main repertoire is music on Patriotic themes.

2. To wear creative hairstyles

Запрет на необычные стрижки и покраски.

A ban on unusual haircuts and painting.

In North Korea are not allowed to wear unusual hairstyles. Moreover, the hairdressers in the catalog, which consists of 18 female haircuts and 10 male. Other hairstyles masters are forbidden to do. In the country do not paint the hair as the hair there is simply no sale. A trendsetter for the population is the country’s leader Kim Jong-UN, it is not surprising that most men are cut. Among women, the most popular is the caret to the chin.

3. To go on holiday abroad

Запрещено выезжать за границу.

It is forbidden to travel abroad.

The citizens of North Korea cannot go on holiday abroad. And it’s not the small salaries and the state level. Moreover, residents do not have the right to move freely throughout the country. Any trip to another city, you need special permission. The only exceptions are athletes, diplomats and officials, whose job it is to travel and negotiations.

4. To drive a car

Запрещено водить машину.

It is forbidden to drive a car.

In North Korea private transport owned only by the military and officials who have received special permission to do so. The price of cars and even bikes are just insane so that can afford only very wealthy people. If a simple man that does not have permission to drive, will be caught behind the wheel of the vehicle, he faces a prison facility. And for trying to operate military vehicles, the violator is punished with the death penalty.

5. To be a religious man

Запрет на религии.

A ban on religion.

Most citizens of North Korea – atheists. And this is not surprising, because all religions, without exception in the DPRK is strictly prohibited. And violators waiting for the inevitable death penalty. In 2013, for her faith in God was executed 80 secret Christians who have discovered the Bible.

6. Tearing posters

Запрещено срывать плакаты на улицах и в учреждениях.

It is forbidden to pluck the posters on the streets and in institutions.

North Korea is full of posters and billboards that are ideological propaganda. Such posters decorated streets, public institutions, cafes and hotels. Local residents are strictly prohibited to pluck these posters. This prohibition also applies to tourists who wish to take on vivid memory image. Violators are waiting for years to labor camps, and sometimes imprisonment.

7. Wearing blue jeans

Запрещено носить джинсы синего цвета.

It is forbidden to wear blue jeans.

The DPRK citizens to wear only black jeans. According to authorities, blue jeans are a symbol of imperialism, and those who wear such, automatically become followers of the enemy of politics and enemies of the state. It should be noted that this prohibition applies only to the citizens of North Korea, and violators face imprisonment.

8. To drink alcoholic beverages

Запрещено распитие напитков в определенные дни.

Prohibited the drinking of beverages on certain days.

In North Korea there are hours and days when drinking is strictly prohibited. In addition, on the occasion of certain holidays or days of mourning authorities to ban the drink altogether. Violators of this law are punished to the fullest extent, up to the shooting.

9. To move to the capital

Запрещено самовольно переезжать в столицу.

Prohibited unauthorized to move to the capital.

The capital of North Korea Penang is the most affluent and developed city. Dream to move to about 70 percent of the population. However, it can only be elected, that is, those who received a referral for service or special permission from the authorities. Citizens who live in the capital illegally waiting for long-term imprisonment up to life.

10. To use Western technology

Запрещено использовать технику, привезенную с запада.

It is forbidden to use the technique, imported from the West.

All, without exception, a technique which is used by the citizens of North Korea, made in Korea. Authorities are confident that those who are buying Western equipment, support of the imperialists. Of course to buy such equipment in the DPRK is impossible, and the attempt to bring something similar from a trip is regarded as economic sabotage.

11. Watch movies for adults

Запрещено смотреть порнофильмы и эротические журналы.

Forbidden to watch pornographic movies and erotic magazines.

Pornography is one of the most serious crimes in North Korea, and the punishment – the death penalty. Adult movies and magazines with erotic content, it is impossible to find in retail. And those who somehow got hold of the forbidden video at any moment can be caught and punished to the fullest extent.

12. To call abroad

Запрещено звонить за границу.

It is forbidden to call abroad.

Cellular communication appeared in North Korea recently. However, even the presence of mobile phones does not allow citizens to make international calls. This prohibition extends even to those whose relatives are legally abroad. Troublemakers are waiting for the death penalty.

13. To watch foreign films

Запрещено смотреть зарубежные шоу и фильмы.

Forbidden to watch foreign shows and movies.

North Korean authorities carefully controlled television and other mass media. Watching foreign shows and movies, including South Korean, is considered an ideological diversion and involves the penalty of arrest, long years in labor camps and even execution.

14. Do typos

Запрещено делать ошибки и опечатки в газетах и журналах.

It is forbidden to make mistakes in Newspapers and magazines.

A journalist in North Korea should be highly skilled, competent and responsible specialist. As mentioned above, the authorities carefully control all the media. In this country for the slightest misstep, at best, can lose work. Moreover, it is known that in 2015, the journalist was executed for the typo in the article about Kim Jong UN.

15. Internet and Wi-Fi

Интернет и Wi-Fi запрещен.

Internet and Wi-Fi is prohibited.

Internet in North Korea is forbidden, or rather its simply not there. There is a semblance of a private local network where there are approximately 5,000 sites. There is even an operating system called “Red star”, similar to MacOS X, and by the order of Kim Jong-UN. But Wi-Fi in the country is not as mobile with Internet access. In tablets sold there, even there is no Wi-Fi module.

16. To escape from prison

Строжайшее наказание за побег из тюрьмы.

Strict punishment for escape from prison.

Escape from prison is a crime in all countries, but such punishment, as in North Korea, nowhere. In the DPRK, attempted escape from prison or labor camps to punish not only the fugitive, but also three generations of his family, starting with the most senior relatives.

17. To buy housing

Нельзя купить дом.

You can’t buy a house.

The DPRK cannot legally buy a home. Apartments and houses issued by the state. The country has a black market, but the average price of housing is 70-90 thousand dollars, and this enormous sum for an ordinary citizen.

18. Tampons and condoms

Нельзя купить тампоны и презервативы.

You can’t buy tampons and condoms.

Surprisingly, in North Korea there are no condoms. Also in stores for a population of tampons. Most women the old fashioned way and use a cotton cloth.

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