Society: Scary sights: the Castle Chillingham whose owner knew a lot about the torture

There are on the earth are places of attraction. However, after visiting them again there do not want to, so there scared and sullen.

One of such places is the extant medieval castle Chillingham whose owner could easily write probably one of the thickest books on the organization of torture.

Castle Chillingham – scary attraction in Scotland.

It looks like the castle Chillingham today.

Так выглядит замок Чиллингем сегодня.

The building is located in the village of Chillingham, which is located in the North of the British County of Northumberland, near the Scottish border. The primary building in this spot dates from the 12th century, but built the castle only after a couple of centuries. Since the 15th century and until the Second world war this building was home to aristocrats Bennett and gray.
Гостевой домик на территории замка.

Guest house on the grounds of the castle.

Старинный экипаж.

Vintage crew.

The spacious enclosed Park, located on the territory of the fortress for several centuries, live cows, which are among the very rare breed “Chillingham cattle”, and their number across the globe – not more than 90 animals.

The first construction of the castle was built in the 12th century.

Кладбище замка Чиллингем.

Cemetery castle Chillingham.

Due to its excellent strategic location close to the Scottish border and near the coast, the fortress played a key role in the bloody Anglo-Scottish wars, during the 14th and 15th century. The school operated as a staging post for the armies of England, who went towards Scotland. For its part, the troops of Scotland attacks and organized deposition of a castle.

Средневековая повозка.

Medieval cart.

The main entrance to the castle was built in the 17th century, and the design of landscape beauty started in the 19th century.

Готичное бюро.

Gothic Bureau.

For a very long time the appearance of the castle remained almost unchanged.

He now looks very unapproachable, as if time stopped next to him, and he continued to be in the middle Ages.

Интерьер столовой.

The interior dining room.

But the most unusual and terrifying place in the castle is the torture chamber. Even now it is possible to see the scary device that was used by the executioners to torture victims for another nine hundred years ago. Some of them are in working condition.

Отделка камина сохранилась с XII века.

Finish the fireplace preserved from the XII century.

Средневековый дверной звонок.

Medieval doorbell.

Some historians say that during the whole three years in this room were tortured and killed around 7 500 Scottish residents – men and women of all ages.

Артефакты Средневековья.

Artifacts Of The Middle Ages.

Стул для пыток.

The chair of torture.

During the Second world war this building was used as barracks. At that time the main part planted near trees cut down and used for firewood.

Пыточное ложе.

The torture bed.

Здесь калечили людей.

Here maimed people.

Ботинки с гвоздями.

Shoes with nails.

After the end of hostilities, the existence of the castle was forgotten, and he stood thus until the 1980s. due to the fact that the condition of the castle, nobody watched, the building began to crumble and he collapsed roof. And only after that the castle was given to a descendant of the family of grey – Mary Tankerville – spouse, which started a process of restoration of the 900-year-old building.

Колючая кровать.

Prickly bed.

Бочка, в которой людей скатывали с холма.

The barrels in which people were rolled down the hill.

Once restoration work was completed, it was opened to the public.

Противогаз времён Второй мировой.

Gas mask world war II.

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