The Germans showed one of a kind convertible BMW M2 with fantastic tuning

German craftsmen made the seemingly impossible. They took exclusively a sports car and were able to turn what is not wanted and the creators – in a stylish convertible. How well it turned out, the judge took motorists.

At the time, the two-door BMW M2 was created as a pure sports car that should be on all “hundred” to perform its function on the track. There is therefore nothing surprising in the fact that the BMW M2 is produced exclusively with the closed body.

About creating a convertible version of the car the Germans from Munich have not even thought about. A different opinion tuners from Atelier Lightweight.

How to make the impossible, possible.

Как сделать невозможное, возможным.

The interior of the car is prettier even more.

Салон машины похорошел еще больше.

They rolled out the universal court is a luxurious and exciting one of its kind “the beast”.

While the car exists in a single copy. The designers themselves claim that in the first place wanted to show everyone what they’re capable of. Called the tuner, and their offspring LW M2 Convertible. It’s hard to believe that it was the BMW M2.

I should add that almost all (with very rare exceptions) the outer parts were taken from a factory model, BMW M2. Got a new custom forged wheels. Was replaced by the bonnet and the exhaust system. The front axle got the tyres 265/30 R20, and the rear – 305/25 R21. At the factory model wheels were modest and, of course, the same.

Stylish design remained.

Стильный дизайн остался.

The drive remained “native”, but he was thoroughly “pumped” masters key and a screwdriver. The output of the motor was increased to 428 HP, which is 50 HP more than the factory model. Torque increased up to 600 Nm. Changes were made to the braking system: the car got new pads and a modern abs system with deep customization.

Continuing the theme of the 5 machines, which thanks to their speed and availability and not only.

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