The options Available for elegant repair at minimum cost

I want to update the decor and create something really interesting, but on a budget? Not a problem! Reading the data from the article, even the most inveterate skeptic will be convinced that the modern stylish design is not necessarily costly. Some original ideas, vivid and inspiring ideas, more creativity and the atmosphere in the house will be much cooler planned professional designers.

1. Minimalism

Minimalism can be fun and inexpensive.

The old time-tested trick: not enough money for repair chic, then a direct path to minimalism. This style is relevant in any modern interpretation, and implies a minimum of decoration and furniture. Emphasis should be given to simple but sophisticated architecture.

Минимализм может быть интересным и недорогим. /Фото: roomidea.ru

A few bright, interesting details, and interior will not be boring or commonplace.

Яркие акценты в виде букв, красочного дивана и необычного растения создают уют и особый шарм. /Фото: www.remont-f.ru

Bright accents in the form of letters, colorful sofa and unusual plants create a cosiness and charm

2. Put the correct accents

Остановка не выделяется, но тон задают красочная стена и необычная люстра. /Фото: museum-design.ru

Stop is not highlighted, but the tone is set by a colorful wall and unusual chandelier.

To avoid wasting money on expensive Wallpaper, you can choose to paint only one wall to make the accent. It will enliven the interior and save a significant portion of the budget. For eye-catching wall or parts of it, you can choose a contrasting paint or an interesting Wallpaper. No less interesting option would be non-standard decor: cork or wood paneling, decorative plaster, Wallpapers, compositions of small mirrors or pictures.

Акцент с помощью обоев. /Фото: 4.bp.blogspot.com

Accent with Wallpaper.

Decorate the situation without the significant cost of all the repairs, you can use one of the conspicuous details – it will set the tone for the entire room. In order not to overload the interior and not make it flashy or gaudy, this focus should be one. This can be a fancy lamp, original furniture, large-format posters, stickers, paintings.

Ярко, стильно, необычно. /Фото: iposter.su

Bright, stylish, unusual.

3. A mixture of styles and details

Ярко и экстравагантно. /Фото: heshi-design.com

Bright and extravagant.

For the sake of economy you can resort to bold decision – a combination of different styles. The eclectic interior can not only save thousands of rubles, but to tell more about your character, preferences, concept of beauty. You can buy it on sale really cool stuff that you like. The main thing to adopt the principle of “games on the nuances” – so that all interior parts not turned into a horrible tasteless chaos, they must join the General idea, the materials, color or elements.

Свежо и оригинально. /Фото: yellowhome.ru

Fresh and original.

Interesting solution for the connection of different styles can be not only furniture, but also, for example, carpet. Often the discount you can buy chic rug options, but small size. Not a problem! Boldly experiment, creating in a room a separate zone.

Хорошее решение для детской комнаты. /Фото: www.remontbp.com

A good solution for a child’s room.

4. The best of the new advanced the old

Подключаем фантазию и шедевр обеспечен. /Фото: takprosto.cc

Plug imagination and a masterpiece guaranteed.

This is especially important for the beloved things, the loss of presentable appearance. Love old furniture, but it’s time to change it? Do not rush, maybe it can still be saved. Contemporary designer craft offers a lot of options for updating outdated furnishings. This solution not only saves a significant part of the money in the repair, but can become the main feature of the situation.

The easiest method of restoring old furniture – painting. In one color or multiple will depend on personal preference and the overall style of the room. For very sophisticated, you can add effects gradient, aging, unusual ornaments or other accents. Well helps to change hardware – if to choose it correctly, changing the entire appearance of the furniture does not look old.

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