CleverMatch Integrates Shutterstock API to Boost Recruiting Success

Hiring the right person is hard. Learn how CleverMatch, a global recruiting platform, is optimizing the process with the Shutterstock API.

People are at the heart of companies. However, finding the right person for the job can be difficult and costly.

To alleviate the problems with traditional recruiting processes, CleverMatch built a turnkey system that allows users to search, select, and evaluate qualified candidates in a single place.

As part of their mission to make recruitment simple, fast, and effective, CleverMatch has integrated the Shutterstock API to deliver stunning images for job postings created on their platform.

According to Mr. Pauly, a CleverMatch user, “Having a polished job posting was important and the Shutterstock image library guarantees professional, high-quality images. The integration also makes it simple to find images because I’m presented with custom recommendations based on my needs.”

Boost job posting performance

According to CleverMatch, companies who incorporate professional images in their job postings receive up to 30% more applications.

This stems from the fact that companies can use images to:

  • Stand out from other postings without visuals
  • Immediately communicate a workplace culture to appeal to candidates who are more likely to have a culture fit
  • Localize job postings to attract candidates who are currently living in or who want to live in a particular place
Accelerate user workflow

To reduce the time it takes to create a professional job posting, CleverMatch uses the Shutterstock API to deliver image recommendations based on industry and role of the position. This feature automates the image selection process and allows users to enjoy a frictionless workflow when creating their job postings. Moreover, any image licensed on the CleverMatch platform can be reused for future job postings created on CleverMatch.

Simple, worry-free licensing

Every asset in the Shutterstock library of 260 million images is vetted by a trained review team to ensure compliance with copyright laws. This means that CleverMatch and their end users can enjoy the peace of mind that the images used will not result in copyright claims.

“Having fast, in-platform licensing that’s also protected means that I never have to worry about legal issues that can come up with ‘free images,’” said Mr. Pauly.

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