Not Your Babushka’s Village Theater

At the start of the 20th century, regarding 1,000 people resided in the town of Fomikha in the Vladimir area. Now there are about 40 houses– 20-30 are used as dachas, and also just concerning 5 are resided in year-round.

To be reasonable, it’s no wonder: you can just reach the village in an off-road vehicle or by ferry on the Nerl River.

The village had an old and also extra church called Our Lady of Kazan. In 2020, it was transformed into the town comedy and drama cinema.

Just how everything started

The cinema was among the tasks of the independent theater team called “Sketches in Space” developed by Moscow actors, supervisors and artists.

As Dmitry Maksimenkov, supervisor and manufacturer of the ‘Sketches precede’ movie theater, explained the cinema beginnings to The Moscow Times, “We met Andrei Popov, who was running arts residencies called “Chelovek Mira” (Person of the World) in the Suzdal area. We began doing ‘art labs’ with him, as well as once we went to the town of Fomikha, where he has a home. In the summer of 2020, we acquired a residence in the village and turned an old cattle barn into a small cinema hall. The arts group Myra and also Popov assisted us.”

In the beginning, they prepared to use the space for art residencies, yet after they put on the play “Pick Mushrooms,” they understood that actually, they ‘d opened up a theater.

Dmitry Myshkin, an additional director of the movie theater, told The Moscow Times that the future comes from the town, not cities. “One day we’ll all go back to our origins,” he claimed.

 Alisa Kosareva

Alisa Kosareva All the world is their stage The areas, forest, and also river surrounding Fomikha came to be the personalities and also the phase for the cinema efficiencies. Three manufacturings were presented, 2 of them near the town. The” strolling play””Pick Mushrooms”is based on the play of the exact same name by Natalia Zaitseva and is carried out in various components of the forest near the town of Fomikha. This is a play concerning the partnership in between people and also the world around them.

For the group, the theater is a method of shaping truth. “In the play, an ecologist designs mushrooms that eat plastic. If we performed it inside, we would certainly have needed fancy sets, however when we appeared right into the forest, we saw a garbage dump covered actual mushrooms. It was remarkable,” Dmitry Maksimenkov stated.

The “strolling play” “ProPraSuzdal” leads spectators on foot through unusual locations in the town of Suzdal, which is 55 km from the village of Fomikha.

Another performance is called “Kolobok’s Diary” routed by Yana Tumina with Pavel Semchenko as art developer. It is based upon folklore from the villages of the areas of Russia, and also takes place in the village of Kideksha, Vladimir area.

 Alisa Kosareva

Alisa Kosareva Future and also present Throughout the year, two art laboratories were kept in the village of Fomikha. The creators of the theater call their repertory “site-specific performances” and consider their productions a cultural bridge between the city as well as country life. “We collaborate with genuine spaces, transforming the way people consider them. Each efficiency is a space for the creative imagination,” Dmitry Myshkin said.

In January 2021, the movie theater building burned down, and also lots of residents thought that the group would certainly leave the village. The artists put up a yurt and continued their job. They intend to recover the theater structure soon.

Currently there are 8-10 people in the irreversible team, yet Dmitry Maksimenkov says that many individuals in the arts from the city of Vladimir intend to collaborate with them. Target markets originate from Vladimir, Suzdal, Moscow, St. Petersburg, and cities even further afield. Lately there were visitors from Denmark and also Sweden.

“We create staged voyages. In the winter months, we execute when it’s -20 Celsius, as well as in the summer when its +35 Celsius. To reach Fomikha, individuals have to cross a river. But we all gain something while doing so. New definition is birthed through the prism of the movie theater,” Dmitry Maksimenkov said.

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