Russian Museum Closes Exhibition Over Complaints From ‘Indignant Citizens’

The Tretyakov Gallery, one of Russia’s greatest and also oldest arts museums, has actually shut the exhibit of Russian-American musician Grisha Bruskin’s works supposedly at the demand of the Ministry of Culture.

According to the gallery’s website, the event was shut for “technical factors.” Independent Russian arts publication Artgid reported that the Ministry of Culture required that the event be terminated after complaints from “mad residents.” No information concerning the exhibit or musician is offered on the museum site.

Bruskin’s exhibit, labelled “A Change of Decorations,” consisted of a 2017 multimedia setup the artist had actually developed for the Russian structure at the Venetian Biennale.

The installation was arranged as a collection of scenes in nine halls, like nine various phases that took into consideration numerous aspects of political philosphy from the individual and authorities, collective and individual memory, and spiritual traditions and contemporary life.

It was meant to run till July 24.

Bruskin hit the global art scene with a splash when his piece at the renowned Sotheby’s auction in Moscow in 1988 cost a record-high price. Since then he has lived as well as worked in Moscow and New York.

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