Russian Rock Star Zemfira Releases Anti-War Music Video

Zemfira, among Russia’s leading rock artists, has released an anti-war music video amid her nation’s intrusion of surrounding Ukraine.

The legendary musician on Friday erased all her present videos from YouTube, changing them with a brand-new clip for her 2017 track “Don’t Shoot.”

The video contains video footage from Russia’s army campaign in Ukraine in addition to from anti-war objections in Moscow, where some 15,000 people have actually been detained.

Russia has clamped down hard on anti-war sentiment because it launched its intrusion on Feb. 24. The country has actually banned referring to the “unique army operation” as a “battle” or “intrusion” as well as passed a law that would certainly see anyone who reports details on the war from non-Russian-state resources reliant as much as 15 years behind bars.

“Don’t be silent! In this crumbling ground, we will pass away. Don’t be silent,” Zemfira sings in the track initially written throughout Russia’s battle in Chechnya.

The only various other video clip presently on her YouTube page is a 2008 online cover of the track “Vidpusty” by famous Ukrainian rock band Okean Elzy (Elza’s Ocean).

The singer’s official web site currently just carries the words “нет войне” (no to battle).

Zemfira, who carried out a performance in Moscow on the day the intrusion started, has actually been reported to have actually considering that left the country.

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