St. Petersburg Fashion Concierge Makes Dreams Come True

Which St. Petersburg designer is called the Russian Hermès, which jewelry expert developed a collection of silver medals influenced by flowers, and where do fashion-forward homeowners go for one of the most sophisticated handmade footwear Style attendant Tatyana Tangirova has all the answers in her little black publication.

As well as she’s pleased to share: Clients hire her to take them around town to meet the developers.

A style stylist since 2012, Tangirova is a garment industry insider that can aid customers source deluxe items, give personal shopping support or recommend on their wardrobes. As a recently minted St. Petersburg style concierge, she provides is an insider’s glance right into St. Petersburg fashion as well as experiences with the city’s most fascinating, colorful as well as famous characters.

From a stylish founder to fashion-makers

Tangirova states that her solution belongs of a lengthy St. Petersburg custom: style as well as design are an integral part of St. Petersburg’s background, beginning with Peter the Great. This giant of a male was renowned for his high fashion and also great taste and also established the tone for the future of his “Venice of the North.”

“Fashion, style and also costume can make the background of St. Petersburg acquainted and really active, because they mirror the sequence of generations in sophistication and charm,” Tangirova informed The Moscow Times.

Today’s icons of St. Petersburg fashion such as Tatiana Kotegova, Yanis Chamalidy, Stas Lopatkin along with up-and-coming jewelry experts and also designers open their doors to Tangirova and her clients.

One of her most appreciated developers is Yelena Tkachenko, the personification of St. Petersburg style. “One of my preferred collections is the La Perla couture collection, “she said. “Each item is a genuine work of art that has been developed by hand. For one of the dress, the silk material is reduced into bows which are initial painted with acrylic, then every one is treated with silicone as well as just after that is stitched by hand, producing an artwork. A lady really feels unique in a gown like that.”

Another hidden treasure of the St. Petersburg fashion scene is the hand-crafted footwear brand Razgulyayev x Blagonravova. The atelier’s trademark collections include sandals enhanced with motifs from the paintings of Kazimir Malevich, Salvador Dali, Henri Matisse, Wassily Kandinsky, William Morris as well as Raphael. They likewise team up with contemporary Russian musicians and designers. Making one pair requires more than 20 different stages. The developers have Moscow shop, as well.


St. Petersburg designer Kirill Ovchinnikov has actually been nicknamed the Russian Hermes for his distinct scarves. Each pattern takes about a year to finish, and also the artist-turned-designer creates every one of them by hand. Today he still creates his trademark scarves but has actually likewise branched off to create a wide range of things, from “twillies” (long narrow headscarfs) to porcelain to wallpaper. Now he has customers throughout the globe.

“Genuine solution is not only about specialist abilities, however also regarding sincerity,” Tangirova said. “So I only suggest what I value, respect as well as love myself.”

“Our task has actually united many infinitely skilled people that are in love with their life’s style, work and style,” she continued. “I am always anxious to see the initial collections of up-and-coming ability and also uncover brand-new fashion territories. I pay unique attention to handmade things that exist in one or very couple of copies. This spirit of exploration is an adrenaline rush!”

 Tatyana Tangirova and designer Stas Lopatkin Anton Gumen

Tatyana Tangirova and developer Stas Lopatkin Anton Gumen Her clients seem to concur.”I was attracted by our browse through to Yanis Chamalidy’s workshop,” Radmila Ivanova, who took among the tours, informed The Moscow Times. “It gave me absolutely new viewpoint. I was wanting to rediscover myself, and also when I met Yanis and also plunged right into his creative universe, it was like magic: I considered the mirror and also ultimately loved what I saw.

“Tangirova charges from 40,000 rubles, which is for at least 3 hrs and consists of sees to 2 or more style homes with individual conferences with the developers. Tangirova brings interpreters for customers from practically throughout the world. Customers are under no obligation to make purchases. She can be gotten in touch with via her Instagram account below.

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