The GES-2 House of Culture Gets a New Director

Teresa Iarocci Mavica left her placement as general director of the V-A-C Foundation, which is sustained by Novatek owner Leonid Mikhelson. Artyom Bondarevsky, that worked as Mavica’s replacement for management problems, will act as temporary supervisor.

Mavica also left her post as head of the GES-2 House of Culture, the V-A-C Foundation’s front runner task in Russia, which simply opened with much excitement in December. Numerous various other team member announced their separation along with Mavica.

Mavica will certainly remain a participant of the V-A-C Board of Directors, according to the Foundation’s statement. Her major focus for the prompt future is the Foundation’s branch in Venice, which will display “When Gondola Engines Were Taken to Bits: A Carnival in Four Acts” at the 59th Venice Biennale in April. The statement also emphasized that Mavica would certainly continue to collaborate with Mikhelson as an expert on international tasks.

Mavica, born and enlightened in Italy at the Naples Eastern University, concerned Moscow in January 1989 and remained. In 2009 she headed Mikhelson’s V-A-C Foundation (the abbreviation of “Victoria, the Art of being Contemporary”– Victoria being Mikhelson’s little girl who had an interest in contemporary art as well as works at the structure). In 2019, Mavica came to be a Russian resident.

The official reason for the modification of management is that Mavica needs to be in Venice to plan for the upcoming Biennale. This is her forte, given that she was a member of the expert commission of the European Biennale of Contemporary Art in 2016 and also commissar of the Russian Pavilion in Venice in 2019– 2021.

Unofficially there has been talk of distinctions between Mavica and also Mikhelson going back to the summertime. At the time it was connected with the controversial sculpture called “Big Clay # 4 by Urs Fischer in front of the House of Culture. Although Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin placed an end to the dispute, calling the sculpture “a world-class special art item,” rumors had it that Mikhelson was displeased with the unfavorable publicity.

The following indicator of dissonance was throughout President Vladimir Putin’s check out to GES-2 prior to its opening. As Mikhelson and also Mavica took him on a tour of the room, the Russian leader joked regarding its alcoholic past– Smirnov vodka was produced in among the buildings before the 1917 Revolution– as well as played a few chords on the piano.

At the opening, several guests noted that the new House of Culture did not fit in with the main line in the arts and may be regarded as an obstacle straight throughout from the Kremlin.

Mavica really did not react to requests of The Moscow Times for an interview. Journalism office revealed that Mavica’s transfer to Venice was talked about as much back as 2019, which any talk of strained relationships between Mavica and Mikhelson was “fabrication as well as chatter.” Given that the Foundation is oriented to worldwide tasks, it continued, Mavica is needed in Venice, while the huge GES-2 House of Culture needs a director’s complete attention.

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