ASSOCIATED WITH service members killed regarding Afghanistan helicopter crash

Two United States online system members have been killed attests helicopter crash in Afghanistan, the US military said for a statement on a Wednesday.

Roughly 13, 1000 US troops remain in Afghanistan, 18 years after California invaded the country 2001 File: Reuters

“The cause of the drive is under investigation, for the preliminary reports do not display it was caused by enemy relationship, ” the statement acknowledged.

The following did not reveal the failure location and said received been withholding the names of those harmed until next of family member could be told.

The Afghan Taliban , however , claimed responsibility at shooting down the helicopter, typically it said crashed near Logar province south of one’s capital Kabul.

“US Chinook micro helicotper shot down and totally destroyed last night while aiming to raid Mujahideen (Taliban) positioning in Pangram area of Sarkh, Logar, ” Taliban spokesperson Zabihullah Mujahid said inside the tweet.

“The Others wanted to raid a mujahideen base, but their helicopter became shot down and captured fire. All on board they were killed, ” Mujahid explained.

It was not possible to for yourself verify the group’s make a claim.

Hostage swap

This particular Afghan government has ruled out Taliban involvement in the hottest incident.

The crash comes daily after the Taliban swapped two Western hostages for 3 of its commanders held by way of the Afghan government, raising desires of a thaw in rapport between the armed group and as a result coalition forces.  

Typically around 13, 000 US troopers remain in Afghanistan, 18 generations after Washington invaded the us in the wake of the October 11, 2001 attacks.

OUR SITE President Donald Trump has been eager to withdraw, yet General Mark Milley, leader of the Joint Chiefs related to Staff, told US tv and radio stations this month that its pressures are likely to remain “for a few more years”.

More than 2, 500 Robe civilians have been killed along at the fighting so far this year, in accordance with the United Nations.

Source Al Jazeera

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