Conflicting narratives about Turkey-Syria border

Throughout Syria’s civil war , the country’s borders as they changed. But the demographics through those borders have important drastically.

Turkey’s move to send troops straight to take on the Kurdish Peoples Protection Units (YPG) using Syria   is a geopolitical game changer.

A few war began in 2011, Syria’s Kurdish minority was the charges in pockets along the border among Turkey. Over the 10 and a half years of fighting, Kurdish militias have slowly and gradually taken control of almost 600 kilometres (248 miles) associated territory along that boundary.

The Turkish government now looks at it really is southern frontier and reads potential enemies at the throughways, what it calls a “terror bloc” at its border. Everything says it wants to rotate that area into a comfortable zone, a place where renardière – who are currently in just Turkey – can move in to in Syria.

The Being attentive Post gave a talk to two Turkish academics within Washington, both frequent authorities of the Turkish government.

Soner Cagaptay from Washington Institute for In the proximity of East Policy argues in which Turkish offensive that took place last week has a lot to do immediately with Turkey’s policy concerning the YPG.

“The YPG is an offshoot associated with another Kurdish group specifically known as the PKK. The PKK is a designated terror bodies viewed as such not just caused by Turkey, but United States and all sorts of NATO allies, ” he admits that.

“So this was Turkey’s attempt to chase this group that not present Erdogan’s supporters, but many Turks view as a sworn attacker of Turkey. ”

Gulner Aybet, the right senior adviser to Erdogan, was interviewed by Christiane Amanpour on CNN concerned with whether it was necessary for Poultry to launch this forces operation, but some critics argued Aybet was not as best as the Turkish government anticipated.

“This growth part of a larger problem and even problem is President Erdogan been made redundant from his credibility, ” believes Gonul Tol of the Ancient East Institute. “The being created Kurdish image in universal media is making troubles even harder. They are hailed freedom fighters in the Eu media. ”

The Listening Make also gave a talk with an Iranian-American journalist physical fitness of Istanbul for a Mexican newspaper and an Iraqi-Kurd journalist and academic, right away based in Pennsylvania.

Borzou Daragahi, an international correspondent for Independent UK, glose that northeast Syria ended up “mostly stable” until a couple of weeks ago.

“Yeah, there was a little bit of trouble, i was given some questions about the control of Northeast Syria, that wasn’t like an imminent anxiety. And when you start a an incredible like that it becomes a an immense of choice. ”

He adds: “And, and so i believe the Turks are discovering what Israelis discover every time earning an incursion into Gaza or – or Lebanon. When you launch a full-scale operation like this, and there is never imminent dire threat, the stress of explaining it to the world can on you and not the people woman at war with. micron

Mohammed Salih, a doctoral student ın the Annenberg School for Marketing, says the Turkish government necessary craft a narrative that will persuade public opinion in conjunction with international community why Turkey’s military operation in Syria was necessary.

“The narrative is really focused entirely on fighting terrorism. The other element of this narrative is really centered on the refugee crisis. Government authorities are really worried about another best influx of Syrian renardière into Europe, ” Salih says.

My friend adds: “The Syrian claim has been a very complicated actual story. It’s not very easy to get the game right. When it comes to the politics actors, the coverage is not really even. But I reckon the focus on the civilian concept is really what counts on the website. It’s about telling of the stories of those human beings in the grass and what is happening to them. ”


Gonul Tol – director from Turkey programme, Middle East Institute

Borzou Daragahi – international coïncident, The Independent

Mohammed Salih – dramatique student, Annenberg School as Communication

Soner Cagaptay – director for this Turkish Research Program, Some Washington Institute for Similar East Policy

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