One or two killed in Afghanistan machine explosion: Interior ministry

A car blast has been detonated in Afghanistan’s capital during the morning drive, killing at least seven ordinary people, officials said.

Nasrat Rahimi, spokesman for those interior ministry, said each blast occurred on Wednesday in the Qasaba area of Kabul.

At least seven people were wounded in the exploding market, Rahimi said,   warning the the brink of death toll could rise.

The public spokesperson said the target of the strike at was not immediately clear knowning that it an investigation was under way at the scene.

Sirens attached to ambulances could be heard using a giant plume of start smoking rose from the area following your explosion.

No one immediately claimed they can be for the attack.

The Taliban and the Islamic State of Iraq to suit your needs Levant (ISIL) armed classes are active in the capital and provide previously claimed attacks towards Kabul.

Afghan security personnel gather at the site of an explosion in Kabul, Afghanistan, Wednesday, Nov. 13, 2019. An explosion has rocked the Afghan capital of Kabul as early morning commuters were on the

According to the interior ministry, all the people killed the particular civilians  Rahmat Gul/AP

The blast came-a a day after President Ashraf Ghani announced that the government using Kabul would release three high-ranking Taliban prisoners in an apparent prisoner swap for Western hostages who had been kidnapped by the group over 2016.

The three Taliban prisoners involve Anas Haqqani, who was grabbed in 2014 and as their older brother is the deputy Taliban leader and head belonging to the Haqqani network, a Taliban affiliate.

Ghani did not specify the fortune of the Western hostages exactly what you need an Australian and a north american, both professors at the The states University in Kabul supports and it was not clear that or where they would always freed.

Ghani said on Tuesday does not hoped the decision would facilitate “pave the way” with respect to unofficial direct talks in his government and the Taliban, who have long refused in negotiate with the administration back in Kabul.

Source Al Jazeera

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