Shallow box magnitude 6. 1 bobble rattles Thailand and Laos

A shallow magnitude 6. 1  earthquake hit northwestern Laos near the Thai border early on Thursday, the United States Geological Survey reported. 

The earthquake in Laos caused skyscrapers 700 km away in just Bangkok to sway. File: Athit Perawongmetha/Reuters

There were no immediate reports of damage after the earthquake hit at 6:50am local time (23:50 GMT on Wednesday).

But shaking could be felt more than 700 kilometres (435 miles) away in the Thai capital Bangkok.

“The shaking… was the main shock from a quake in Laos at 6:50am and was felt in northern and northeastern Asia and Bangkok and suburbs, ” announced Sophon Chaila, an official electronic Thai Meteorological Department.

“As of finally there is is no report of damage, inch Sophon added.

Residents in the Vietnamese fund Hanoi also felt properties sway.

“The ceiling lights were nervous-looking quite strongly. I couldn’t help but feel dizzy and scared, ” said Hanoi resident Tran Hoa Phuong, who noticed the earthquake in your girlfriend 27-storey apartment building.

It hit about three hours after a magnitude 5. 7  earthquake struck the same region of Laos, near the company of the controversial Xayaburi atteinte project.

Critical info is slow to trickle out of the closed communist town, and there were no says of damage or injuries wedding ceremony twin quakes hit.

Source Al Jazeera

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