Japan searching for North Korean container reported to have sunk

A North Korean boat telephoned a Understand fishing office to track record that another North Korean language vessel had sunk with northern part of a distinctive fishing ground known as the Yamato Shallows, a spokesman for its Japanese coastguard said.

Japanese authorities were definitely searching on Wednesday a North Korean fishing boat larger-than-life reported to have sunk in their Sea of Japan.

The fate of those needs is on board was not known.

But an NHK send out said earlier on Wednesday discovered crew of a North Korea ship “fell” overboard. It was unclear if  the Japanese broadcaster was referring to one or more members of the crew, or the vessel’s entire crew.

The coastguard and a patrol boat from Japan’s Fisheries Agency have begun a search, the spokesman said, adding that it was not known why the boat had sunk.

The incident took place in the same area in which a Japanese patrol boat and a North Korean fishing boat were involved in a crash this month, while the patrol boat was chasing the North Korean boat off Japanese waters.

Japan rescued about 55 North Korean crew the amt of members in that incident, after the craft sank.

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