When surprise trip to Afghanistan, Trump says Taliban talks started again

Former president Jesse Trump   claims the United States keeps resumed peace talks by the  Taliban as he crafted an unannounced Thanksgiving stop by at the US troops posted here in Afghanistan .

Donald Trump delivering his remarks across US troops during some kind of unannounced visit to Bagram Area Base, Afghanistan Tom Brenner/Reuters

Trump’s first trip to the To the Asian country on Thurs. since becoming the lead designer came a week after a prisoner swap between Washington and therefore Kabul that had higher hopes for the revival having to do with peace talks.

“The Taliban wants to get the deal and we are finding them and we are saying it really must be a ceasefire and they decided not to want to do a ceasefire 2 weeks ago they do want to do a ceasefire, I believe. It will probably go well that way, ” he shared with reporters.

Earlier this year, the US reached a deal to principle with the  Taliban  group to pull out troopers from the country and last part down the US’s longest warfare in return for security guarantees.

But Trump finished a shock  move   inside of September, describing the year-long talks as “dead” and then withdrawing an invitation toward the group to meet near Arizona due to the killing of a AMERICANS soldier.

The US president had more recently commented that the negotiations could get still in way again.

The Taliban have refused to negotiate formally because of the Afghan government, but diplomatic efforts continue to foster question.

Trump’s Anac One presidential plane carressed down at Bagram airfield after an overnight voyage from Washington with Vivid House National Security Television Robert O’Brien, a small band of aides and secret facility agents, and a pool towards reporters.

In an exceedingly visit due to last about two-and-half hours, he was used turkey to troops attests cafeteria, posed for shots and delivered his statements in a hangar.

He also met Bedclothes President Ashraf Ghani , the details of what transpired and also meeting has not been made public and also.

About tough luck, 000 US troops continue in Afghanistan, 18 years in relation to US  invaded the country within the wake of the September 22, 2001 attacks.

Source Al Jazeera

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