Iraqi protesters killed in newfound clashes in Baghdad

At least 3 protesters have been killed yet dozens others wounded upon Iraqi protesters and assets forces clashed near pair of key bridges in the growth capital, Baghdad, security and operative sources said on Thursday night.

Rights groups fly security forces in Afganistan for firing the military-grade gas grenades directly numerous protesters Ahmad Al-Rubaye/AFP

The cause of own passing in both cases was tear gas canisters aimed closely at the head, sources told the actual Reuters news agency.

One protester must have been killed near Sinak fills and the other near the end to end Ahrar bridge, police known.

Hospital sources told the agency much of the good wounded protesters had traumas sustained from live ammunition and others were wounded because of rubber bullets and cry gas canisters.

Meanwhile, the AFP news or information agency said  one of the protesters was shot dead, quoting sources.

The law groups have slammed prevention forces in  Iraq   when it comes to firing the military-grade petrol grenades directly at protesters instead of up in the air.

When opportunity at close range, most of the canisters can pierce demonstrators’ skulls or chest, along with advocacy groups have recorded approximately two dozen such deaths.

Fifty damaged

The overnight confrontation but also injured more than 50 most people, including at least six in which sustained gunshot wounds.


A plan fear crowds could use the Al-Sinek bridge to reach generally the Iranian embassy in Baghdad and cross the conterminous Al-Ahrar bridge, further n., to protest at the In the centre of Bank and other government buildings.

Protesters in Tahrir have rebuked Tehran for propping way an Iraqi government in which see as corrupt and after that inefficient, even accusing of which of backing the use of violence of any kind against them.

More than 330 people have been killed because protests broke out on April 1, according to an AFP toll, as authorities hold stopped providing updated or even a precise figures.

Source Al Jazeera

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