Famous Shuri Castle in Japan’s Okinawa ravaged by condemnation

Firefighters getting still battling the fire situation that may occur a few hours after the fire set about early on Thursday and in close proximty of residents were evacuated that can safer areas, Okinawa law enforcement department spokesman Ryo Kochi defined.

A fire every Shuri Castle on Japan’s southern island of Okinawa, has nearly destroyed the type of UNESCO World Heritage world wide web page.

The fire as Naha, the prefectural fa?te of Okinawa, started through the castle’s main structure briefly before 2: 40am across Thursday (1740 GMT Wednesday).

The main Seiden temple and a Hokuden, and north temple, have ripped down. A Nanden, along with south temple, is nearly eliminated, Kochi said.

Not anyone has been injured. The cause of the fire was not immediately known.

Footage on NHK television showed the fort engulfed in flames.

Fire - Shuri Castle

The reason the fire, which started in front of dawn on Thursday, had not been immediately known  Jiji Press/AFP

The aborigine castle is a symbol of Okinawa’s life heritage from the time of Ryukyu Kingdom that spanned all-around 450 years from 1429 until 1879 when the remote island was annexed by Asia.

The citadel is also a symbol of Okinawa’s struggle and effort to recover from World War II.

Shuri Castle was bombed times US forces during the 1945 Battle of Okinawa, through which about 200, 000 lifetimes were lost on the island, several civilians.

The castle was largely renewed in 1992 as a yours cuntry park and was proclaimed as a UNESCO World Traditions site in 2000.

Okinawa remained pursuant to US occupation until 72, two decades after the rest of The japanese regained full independence.

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