Front Burner: New Book Glorifies the Cocktail Basics


Credit Patricia Wall/The New York Times

Most classic cocktails – the martini, manhattan, daiquiri, old fashioned, Rob Roy, margarita, and gin and tonic – do not require more than three ingredients. And these days, when farm-to-barstool mixologists plunder Greenmarkets, back bars and spice caravans for their concoctions, it’s refreshing to revisit these basics, as Robert Simonson, a spirits expert who reports for The New York Times, has done in his new book. He is all for simplifying. Yet at the same time, you may make some winning discoveries, like the Alaska, a drink combining gin, yellow Chartreuse and bitters: “3-Ingredient Cocktails” by Robert Simonson (Ten Speed Press, $18.99).

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