A small but proud business: pray and peck

Legato from French is baking, but instead of “o” there should be three letters, explains Armi Socrates: “It would be understood only by those who know French, so we cut it”

Two sisters opened in the factory shop an unusual production – one of them runs a business from the United States

In the business center Oxide (Kirov, 82), which is located on the territory of the plant, there is at first glance inconspicuous confectionery – it is not so easy to find. But when this happens, you find yourself in a cozy atmosphere: there are lamps with warm light, beautiful decor elements, a showcase filled with colorful sweets and its owners are ready to talk with you mentally. Legato confectionery was opened by the Armenian family: two sisters started to study it, then their mother joined them.

Five years ago, the sisters went to France, were inspired by family establishments and macaroni cakes and decided to make these capricious sweets in Novosibirsk. The journalist NG.S. BUSINESS learned why the macaroni are not always helped by dances with a tambourine nearby, why they need obevshiesya animals and why you need to pray when working with wedding cakes.

The confectionery exists on this place for three years, it has its own audience: there are corporate orders from different companies of the city and individual, as well as customers who come not only to take desserts with them, but sit at tables and drink coffee. Armi and Arpi Sokratyan to create such a confectionery inspired trip to France, where owners of small shops with sweets themselves welcomed the guests, with a soul told about their business and offered a choice of delicious almond pastries – macaroni. Returning, the girls decided to try to cook their own macaroni at home.

“To our surprise, for the first time they were the perfect ones. Everyone complains that they are capricious, do not get right away. We decided to do more: the further the matter went, the worse they turned out. We even despaired. Mom, who works with us, at some point even said that it’s time to stop, but I insisted on the opposite “, – remembers Armi.

Armi is a chocolate soul, that’s why he likes chocolate macaroni, his mother is coffee, and Arpi is both.

Making macaroni is very difficult: you need to consider everything – the temperature of the room, the oven modes, the fat content of almond flour and so on. Sisters did not know about this, so they had many blunders.

“There are many recipes and comments to them: someone will say the temperature a little less necessary, someone will say – sing a song or wait with a tambourine. Everyone has their own nuances that fit them, and when someone applies them to themselves, it does not always work out. Therefore, we conducted master classes and talked, so as not to worry, because everyone has to work out their own formula. It is macaroni – this is a purely individual work for each person “, – explains the confectioner.

But over time, the girls worked out the recipe, they understood what the peculiarities are: different temperatures are used for different furnaces. “Imagine if the rain, humidity is high, macaroni are completely different in form: blurred and skirts so beautiful there. Even windy weather affects. Therefore, we try to maintain the microclimate. Sometimes even a thousand times you do, but something still affects, “- is amazed by Armi.

Different colors are different tastes: vanilla, salty caramel, coffee, apricot, strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, coconut and chocolate, dor blu, orange, cherry, with hot pepper and so on.

Sisters began to distribute macaroni to friends, and those – to tell their friends. The word-of-mouth radio worked, and small orders appeared. First there were symbolic sums, because they were interested in doing it.

“I graduated from art school, so I liked to invent something new: many people wanted not just a set of macaroni, but some design. I began to study mastic, watched videos on YouTube. We made the page in “VKontakte”, orders became more and more. At that time we were at the last year of the university, the question arose: “What to do with everything?”, Because at home we could not cope with the volume of orders. The houses were worked during the year and came to the conclusion that it is necessary to develop, since we love it, “Armi says.

In her opinion, this was the most difficult step, because when you are at home, you do not need to pay rent: you simply do and make a profit, and then other expenses and problems begin.

Mom of the girls. Armi says that customers often guess about this, they immediately have a different attitude: if the owners are here, then everything is under control, in addition, the kitchen is open

“Searching for a place is a big challenge. We have been looking for him for a long time: so that it would not be too expensive, and that the technical conditions would fit – furnaces, sewerage, and area. In the end, we were lucky. With the staff was difficult: we worked out how to build relationships with them “, – describes the formation of the girl.

After a month of searching, they found a room, they were given three months of vacation for repairs. It took a long time, because before there was a warehouse: there was no sewage system, no bathroom, the yellow walls had to be repainted eight times to achieve the desired shade. About 700 thousand rubles were spent on repairs, and in general they invested about 1.5 million rubles in their business. The business paid off quickly enough – in a year. Apparently, due to the formed client base.

“We opened in December – a good time, New Year’s Eve: people buy goodies, it’s cold – you need to replenish calories. We were late with the opening, because in the morning it was necessary to take chairs in IKEA, which were supposed to be brought from somewhere. People were already waiting, and we quickly gathered chairs. Opened, and visitors filled the whole space. The first two weeks we tried and work on Sundays, but we realized that this is unreal – absolutely without rest, “- says Armi.

Besides the presented macaroni, there are other tastes, for an amateur, for example lavender and lemon

At first there were two people whom the girls hired two weeks before the opening. Now there are five of them – they work in shifts. The duties of the sisters were divided as follows: Arpi engaged in administrative affairs, paper, and Armi – creative, organizational. Only more than a year ago, Arpy had to secede from the family business: she was a microbiologist, she left for a contract in the United States.

“It’s a pity that my sister had to go to America, I stayed – one for all. It, of course, remotely supports, watches, but 11 hours of difference – it’s very difficult, already after the fact it is possible to say something, do something. I think it is unlikely that she will return, because she is developing there in her field. Of course, such a distance is difficult for her and us. She says that we come and open a confectionery. I had an attempt to go to her, but did not give a visa, “Armi is upset.

Armi had thoughts of managing the pastry shop remotely: to put cameras and watch, but she realized that she could not because she likes to participate in the process. The confectioner partially delegates duties to employees, but deals with complex orders and decor herself. All her knowledge was received by Armi in practice, and training in art school also helped.

Macarons are handmade and capricious dough. Therefore, Armi is offended when customers do not understand why macaroni, which is bigger in size and which is smaller, cost the same – it is necessary to explain

The family is often asked if they plan to expand – to open a confectionery in Moscow or St. Petersburg. Armi believes that with the expansion of the network, the quality is reduced in any case, because you can not keep track, even if you have good managers. It’s still not their business, so they are not so responsible. The girl wants the confectionery to remain spiritual, miniature and high-quality. The nearest plans are only the opening of a sales point in Akademgorodok.

On the macaroni with Dor blues, clients joke and say: “Give macaroni with socks” – because of the specific smell of cheese

If initially in Legato there were only macaroni and unusual pasta with ice-cream, now the menu has increased: capkaki, brownie, tartlets, Pavlova cake and so on. For each dessert, they devised their own formula. For example, the idea of ​​macarons with ice cream was seen by a sisters from a Japanese confectioner, and then they achieved results. As a result, ice cream for a long time can stay in shape.

Now it is very popular, and in general, notes Armie, demand is coming in waves. At one time Pavlova used desserts. A year ago, in the confectionery began to make cakes, because it seemed that everything was squeezed out of macaroni, and you can experiment with cakes. Cakes with obevshimisya animals were in demand.

“Someone dedicated these cakes to their husbands, some to children. We started everything from the unicorn, which was so full of feces – everyone liked this idea, there was an influx of orders. We try to imagine something new, so people think and decide to order, because not all of them themselves can come up with, and when they are offered – they like it. But we are not ready to perceive all creative ideas from people: they immediately begin to think about how to cut it, as it is. Therefore, they propose to make it lower so that it would be convenient, “one of the creators of the confectionery is upset.

Armi says that now in fashion high and slim cakes – confectioners are waiting for people to change their attitude to their cutting. They try to explain how to do it. In the West, high cakes are often made, because first they want to impress, and then pay attention to the taste. But with the cakes, too, it did not turn out all at once. The girl admits that much time, energy and nerves were spent before they came to the perfect biscuit recipe and cake cover.

“Especially the first wedding season last year went on nerves: we did not expect that it would be so difficult, especially in terms of delivery. Transportation of cakes is a separate story: it’s always nerves. Many newlyweds love to go to Berdsk, in Morozovo, and there are terrible roads. You need to understand what you will need if something happens to the cake on the way. Especially in summer heat – you turn on all air conditioners and pray. Of course, there were some small incidents, but we corrected everything, everyone was happy, “- rejoices Armi.

Cake for customers

If the cake weighs more than four kilograms, they advise to order it with the confectioner’s departure, because anything can happen. It is better to pay a little more, but be sure that the cake will be beautiful. Remembered for Armi was a one and a half meter wedding cake, all in flowers. There was not enough growth when it was collected. We drove it with two air conditioners to Morozovo.

“Confectionery for me is a place where I can combine all my interests, create what I really like, fantasize. I am grateful to customers who give such an opportunity. This is a multifaceted activity: creativity, punctuality, accuracy are necessary, one needs to be a good PR manager and photographer. When my sister and I started, it was important for us to receive joy from this and see the response of people. It motivates. There are times when you start to doubt, and then when people thank and comment, you realize that you are on the right path and you need to continue, no matter what, “concludes Armi.

Armi studied for an interpreter – English and German, but found herself in such creativity. Besides, she once wanted to enter the architect

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