Business books, 2018

Ray Dalio is a billionaire with a fortune of $18.1 billion (No. 25 in the American Forbes) and one of the world’s most famous investors. Learning from their mistakes, he has developed unconventional methods of work: “radical truthfulness” and “radical transparency,” which he followed during the last 40 years. In the book Dalio shares his experiences, lessons learned and, of course, unique principles.

Tommy Hilfiger. “My dream path. Autobiography of the great designer”

His first clothing store legendary American designer Tommy Hilfiger opened in 18 years, and for 30 years has been the holder of an international Empire. But autobiography Hilfiger not only about business – about how a boy with dyslexia from a large family able to enter the world of fashion. On the first SIP of freedom, about how he was terrified of his father, the betrayal of business partners and friends. About finding yourself. Almost a confession.

Nassim Nicholas Taleb. “At the risk of his own skin. Hidden skewness of daily life”

Professor at the University of Massachusetts Nassim Taleb – the man is a legend. He created the theory of “black Swan”, which examines rare and unexpected events that led to significant consequences. In his new book, master of provocation debunks the hypocritical ideas of investors, preachers and defenders of military intervention. Examples of serving him and Jesus Christ, and Seneca, and Donald trump. The main quality that unites them, says Taleb, is the ability to transfer risk to others.

Kim Chan and Renee Mauborgne. “The transition to the blue ocean. Beyond competition”

Before you can create a blue ocean strategy, a world-renowned professors Kim Chan and Renee Mewborn 30 years studying organizations that have been able to go beyond the competition on crowded markets. A new book by the authors – step-by-step guide to migrating from al competitive ocean blue.

Lee Gallagher. “Airbnb. As three ordinary guy created a new business model”

Airbnb has come up with two unemployed graduate School of design. Deciding to make some money, they are allowed in my apartment the participants of the conference of developers who are not enough places in the hotels. Several times they restarted the company sold the cereal boxes to Finance the service, fought the law and stereotypes. And in the end turned into a company worth about $30 billion, with employees who genuinely believe that they are changing the world.

Lawrence Levy. “Pixar. Restart. As into a new life”

Legendary animation Studio Pixar in 1986, was bought by Steve jobs for $5 million Then he invited the author of the book Lawrence levy to the position of financial Director. In his book he tells how a small company created at that time, only “toy Story”, managed to reach IPO, and what role was played by corporate culture, the secret of which is unlimited communication.

Katerina Lengold. “Just a space. Workshop on Agile life filled with meaning and energy”

Katerina Lengold went to University in 14 years, in 20 he founded his own startup, and three years later sold it to one of the leaders of the American market. She is now the youngest Vice President in the global aerospace industry. And her main secret, said Lengold, is not the exclusive mind or health, but the ability to plan. In his book Lengold tells how with the help of the Agile methodology and 9-week sprints to be able to achieve the global and short-term goals in life and in business, to form good habits and stop procrastinating.

Daniel Brown, Itsk Kramer. “Corporate tribe. What an anthropologist can teach a top Manager”

Corporate culture and anthropology have more in common than you think. The companies also have rituals, religion, and even sacrifice. In his book the scientists, Daniel brown and Itsk Kramer show you how to improve or change corporate culture, how to assess and build relationships with colleagues and departments using the tools of classical anthropology.

Maxim Eliahou and Lyudmila Sarycheva. “The new rules of correspondence”

Business correspondence is the language in which it is convenient to work, not endless overtures, patterns, and forms of courtesy. Maxim Eliahou and Lyudmila Sarycheva propose to change the culture of a business letter and make two new rules: respect the person and care about his interests. These simple rules help to find a common language with the recipient to win a man, but not to go abroad for business communication. Exciting, ironic and not at all banal book you might have missed.

Richard Branson. “In search of innocence”

Entrepreneur-a revolutionary, living on the island and owns the Virgin Empire, wrote his new biography – 20 years after the first. During this time Branson a lot has changed, but not him and not his attitude to life and business. In the new book the businessman talks about trains, planes and satellites, parenting, rivalry and friendship with Elon Musk. Bonus: the app, which Branson describes seventy five occasions (plus one), when he was on the verge of death.

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