China is armed with aircraft carriers for a trade war with the US

In response, a military expert from the Beijing publication said: five tests a month – this is incredibly much, and most importantly, not very necessary. All carry out such laboratory launches – Russia, the United States, Great Britain, France and China, and not only for the development of weapons of the “new generation”, but also for the sake of clarification whether the existing charges are out of order (they have an average life of 30 years).

First, there was a publication in the Hong Kong newspaper that Beijing had unprecedentedly accelerated the development of a new generation of nuclear weapons , conducted an average of five tests per month, far ahead of this part of the US. Testing is carried out, of course, in the form of an explosion simulation, which uses gas guns, so-called impactors and supercomputers. Real explosions today are only for North Korea, and even those from them are about to refuse. But one way or another the author of the publication is talking about the creation of a new generation of nuclear weapons in the aftermath and the transfer of the United States.

And most importantly, China, recalls the Beijing specialist, has the smallest number of warheads from all five listed “official” nuclear powers and does not intend to overtake anyone in this part.

It should be added that the Hong Kong-based newspaper that began the discussion is the English-speaking South China Morning Post, owned by the star of Chinese business Jack Ma (the creator of the Alibaba group).

And from Beijing the central press was responding – the English-language Global Times, and then the flagship “People’s Daily”. That is, we have before us an authoritative amendment with a general meaning: yes, work on nuclear warheads is under way, but no exaggeration, everything is as usual.

But as always in such cases, such skirmishes only exacerbate the public’s interest in the topic as a whole. Namely – to a noticeable growth of Chinese military power.

By the way, the Beijing media publish very detailed materials about the creation of the Chinese carrier fleet. Especially since the aircraft carrier is big, you can not hide it, and right now he is walking along the southern seas off the Chinese coast. Passes the first test.

It is reported that as a result of testing, the aircraft carrier Liaoning achieved “system combat readiness” , can form an aircraft carrier group and do what is required, including working in night conditions (the pilots have just conducted training). In general, China now has two aircraft carriers, the third is being built and will be technologically more advanced.

And most importantly, what the Chinese press says: the strategic needs of the country dictate to it the need to have three or four carrier groups . That will be achieved, according to most sources, by 2025.

Strategic needs are the most interesting in the stories of both nuclear warheads and aircraft carriers. The point here is that China started the rearmament program at about the same time as Russia, and the whole process is under constant consultations between Moscow and Beijing. And the reasons for this, Moscow and Beijing are the same.

The tough pressure of the United States, launched around 2012, was not only against Russia. The same thing has happened and is happening to China. And if Ukraine is the key lever for pushing Russia, then China is a disputed territory in the South China Sea. Incidentally, this is why Beijing is focusing on the creation of an aircraft carrier fleet and is already working with nuclear warheads in the second place. The Russian program of rearmament is different, because we have a different situation.

The other day, there was another call of US warships into disputed waters: Chinese fighters drove them off. Everything was as usual, except for the fact that he was right next to the first full-scale test of Liaoning.

And by the way, there is one more aspect. Recently, his firm unpredictability was demonstrated by President of the United States Donald Trump, who is trying to force China to buy more American goods in order to level the US trade balance that is deadly for the United States.

Quite recently (on May 20), the second round of US-Chinese negotiations has led to an agreement that there will be no trade war, neither side will introduce other prohibitive duties on the goods. And suddenly the unpredictable Trump reports: no, duties will be . For goods totaling $ 50 billion, the list will be published on June 15. And sanctions against Chinese companies relating to high technology, too, will apply. About what would have been agreed before.

How in this situation in general to deal with the US? Of course, the talks will continue to drag on, the parties will continue to extort concessions from each other, then America will again abandon its word.

And it is understandable: if the game is so tough, then with the nuclear charges of the required level, and even with the aircraft carriers, it is somehow calmer to play it.

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