Holdi slammed the door

The Holiday group again closes the stores, this time the shops have gone under the knife, which were recently transferred to a new brand – “Holdi”. In the meantime, the company’s bankruptcy flywheel is spinning – more and more claims from suppliers are coming to it. Details – in the material of the observer NGS.

A well-known network closes newly opened stores – creditors showered her with claims

About the fact that Holiday has decided to close more than two dozen unprofitable stores, the NSO told a source in the commercial real estate market. According to him, we are talking not only about Novosibirsk – the company is trying to get rid of the unprofitable objects in all regions of presence.

Shop Hall at Dusi Kovalchuk 

While it is precisely known about two Novosibirsk shops which have stopped work. The largest one – on Dusi Kovalchuk Street, 89 – has been working here for more than 10 years. However, first in the next building there was a supermarket network “Magnet”, and then he was joined by a supermarket “Lenta”.

Closed “Holdi” has just been replaced here for more than 10 years “Holiday Classic”

In February of this year, “Holiday” started a large-scale reorganization of its network. Some of the outlets have been closed or sold to new owners, and some have changed their format and name. The store on Dusi Kovalchuk turned into a “Holdi”. But it did not help either. Since July, 1st the shop does not work, inside still there is a trading equipment, but on doors the announcement on search of new tenants already hangs.

All that remains of the “Discounter Hold” at Proletarian

Another closed store – “Hold Discounter” on Proletarskaya Street, 50. According to residents of nearby houses, the export of equipment from there was completed “literally yesterday”. Tenants of small areas in this building say that the place “Holdi” will take “Magnet”.

“Farmer Center” on Derzhavin will replace “Brighter!”

Even earlier, in spring, the last stores of experimental formats were closed , which appeared at the end of 2016 on Derzhavin Street, 1. Some of these premises have already been occupied by new tenants, and the rest, apparently, will move away from the network “Brighter!” – announcement of the opening of another The store is already hanging on the door.

A correspondent of NSA called on the announcement of renting a room, which hangs on the doors of closed shops. The woman with a somewhat tired voice first asked: “What is your assortment?” – and, realizing that she is dealing with a journalist, advised to contact the site of free ads Avito: “Dial there” Holiday Company “- and all our ads in all our cities “.

On Avito, indeed, only in Novosibirsk a group of companies “Holiday” are now on display for renting 12 large rooms.

So, for the whole pavilion at Adrien Lejen, 9/4 with an area of ​​830 square meters. m company asks for 300 thousand rubles a month. A building with the same area at the Vyborg, 99/11 company put up for sale for 50 million rubles.

The head and the main co-owner of the Holiday group Nikolay Skorokhod found it difficult to tell the exact number of the closing shops in Novosibirsk, only noting that

“All over the network” the company plans to close about 20 unprofitable stores. But mostly they are outside of Novosibirsk.

“As for the store on Dusi Kovalchuk, we just found a good tenant for this. That is, we act according to the adopted strategy: if the store is unprofitable, we close it. If it works on the brink, we are looking for a new owner or tenant for these areas, “Skorokhodov explained.

According to the head of Holiday, from the beginning of the year the company liquidated about 70 stores. Now Holiday has about 390 objects in Siberia.

In May, the company ‘s debts exceeded 3.2 billion rubles. And only from the beginning of July to LLC “Holiday Company” has been filed already 13 lawsuits on debt collection (data of the Arbitration Court of the Novosibirsk region).

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