International Parks Forum in Zaryadye park on June 28.

The head of Tsaritsino museum Elizaveta Fokina and organizers of the festival “Usadba Jazz” will talk about the oldest park territories and ensembles and their development in Moscow today and about the balance between preserving monuments and attracting a new audience.

The International Parks Forum will unite Russian and foreign specialists in the field of urban and landscape architecture, as well as designers and researchers of the urban environment. Participants, experts from Russia, Great Britain, Hungary and the Netherlands – will present their projects in the field of eco-tourism, revitalization of public spaces and the design of modern urban parks, and also will take part in discussions on urban improvement and the development of megacities.

The program of the forum includes case studies from leading international organizations in the field of eco-urbanism and architecture:

  • co-founder of the Center of Contemporary Architecture (KÉK) from Budapest Monika Kertesz will talk about KÉK projects in the field of urban planning, the creation of public gardens, as well as numerous activities aimed to form local and urban communities in Budapest;
  • artist and landscape architect Peter Fink (London) will talk about his Studio Fink and post-industrial projects from the design of Northala Fields Park in London to the landscaping of an abandoned bridge in Bratislava;
  • the assistant to the President of the Republic of Tatarstan Natalia Fishman will talk about one of the greatest urban projects of the summer – the opening of the Kaban Lake embankment and how in a few years Kazan has become the leader in the creation of public spaces;
  • in the conclusion of the forum co-founder of GROWx John Apesos (Amsterdam) will talk about the unique experience of creating an urban eco-farm, interacting with the city and the attitude of Europeans to urban agriculture.

The forum’s discussion program covers topics from urban improvement to gardening and the creation of urban eco-farms.

One of the main world trends today is the maximum naturalness and environmental friendliness. How to create standards that everyone likes will be discussed by co-founder of the Center of Contemporary Architecture from Budapest Monika Kertesz, CEO of Strategic Development Agency “Center” Sergey Georgievsky and experts from the Center of Urban Data analytics “Habidatum”.

The International Parks Forum, which will bring together the best practices of Moscow, Budapest, London and Amsterdam in the field of landscaping, architecture and eco-urbanism, will take place in Zaryadye park.

The head of Zaryadye Park Pavel Trekhleb and the assistant to the President of the Republic of Tatarstan Natalia Fishman within the framework of the discussion “Culture of place: what parks do Russian cities need today?” will talk about parks in megacities and in single-industry towns and their role in the urban ecosystem.

At the end of the forum there will be a discussion “New summer residents: eco-urbanism as a trend.” The co-founder of GROWx John Apesos (Amsterdam) and the representatives of Russian eco-projects “Bolotov Dacha”, “Dobrograd” and Chekhov #API will talk about the growing demand for eco-urbanism and the ecology of life, the development of the market of farm products in megacities and the growth of popularity of eco-residences.

Also within the forum’s program you can participate in such workshops as “Eco Urbanism: Solutions for the City” and “Urban-Design for Local Communities”.

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