How to plan your year

Careful attitude to weekends. Don’t try to fit in a week, all 33 million of fun and entertainment, because they too can be tedious. It takes time and preparation, too, and guests, Christmas trees and shopping centers will be another squirrel wheel without any pleasure.

In this regard, ask yourself the unbridled joy and desire to ride a Bunny under the tree. Nice stuff, favorite food before and after 31 December, the possibility of half an hour to sit in a nice snow-covered cafe with lights and coffee is that creates a smooth new year’s mood and gives energy.

When planning, we can bring the so-called evasiveness of the brain and delusions. When tortured as you are writing the plans for the new period, these imperfections of the brain distort reality. When tired people put plans “themselves, rested in the future”, considering that already recovered and performance is the best.

When planning

In fact, this leads to a too tight planning and the anticipation of a relaxing and smooth start of the year we get additional stress and reluctance to do anything. In addition, if we try to think about goals and desires in a state of stress, then we are worse than identify what we want and what he wants from us or the environment just so much to be accepted. There is a risk to list abstract and quite pleasing, “like all”, goals and upset that you are nothing inspiring.

Wait for inspiration and understanding of own desires, too, need energy. Do not start to set goals early on January 7-8, by this time, the brain needs time to relax.

But even after staying clear and beautiful strategic plan still does not draw. First, it is a utopia that the plan should be unchanged for the year ahead. And secondly, start small. If you can only schedule tomorrow, plan it. In their order prescribe not only work, but also personal: with pleasure, and recreation.

Give the brain a break

Preset tasks for a couple of days after the holiday. So you will give your brain to relax and rest better. It is desirable that the plan was nice, but quite dense. If you go to vacuum, you can begin “Sunday neurosis.” According to research, Austrian psychiatrist, founder of Logotherapy, Viktor Frankl, is the depression and feeling of emptiness, lack of meaning of life, which occurs as soon as is not urgent cases.

Make a list on the first days of something specific, bound by time – meetings, planning sessions, phone calls partners. It is necessary to make the holidays a brain is not trying to represent all possible cases of 2019 and arrange them according to priorities in the first week.

Finally, if during the holidays you will begin to think about themselves and their relationships with other people and the world – congratulations, your brain began to relax, start the passive mode, the so-called Default Network. This is a very useful condition that helps to put information and reboot. Let the thoughts flow freely, take them as an internal cleaner which wipes the statues of the relationship. Give the brain a break, then new achievements will not be forthcoming.

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