How to collaborate with opinion leaders and not kill the business

Mention in social networks and media

The searches only partly demonstrate interest in the person and can indirectly reflect its popularity. Do you still remember Cherchesov, the head coach of the national team of Russia on football in 2018 world Cup? So, in January, his name was looking for in “Yandex” 8500 times a month, and in July – 514 000 times a week.

A good speaker! The audience that watched the game, and the team grew and with it grew the number of those who decided to Google where this man with a mustache.

To get a more complete picture, you should check whether the top subject of discussion on social networks and in media and the changing dynamics of its references. In the summer we found out that during the championship the number of mentions of cherchesova has grown 14 times and the peak was about 70 000 a day. If we went back in time and showed these numbers to marketers brand Zatecky Gus Non-alcoholic, they are unlikely to have picked it is with Guus Hiddink.

The queries in search engines

For example, the company decided to increase the awareness of the product or brand. The logic is this: a famous person advertises a product, the product automatically becomes known. Sounds good, but who should be considered famous? Someone with a million followers on Instagram, or someone you know octogenarian grandmother, thirteen year old granddaughter? Kashpirovsky, Nagiyev, rapper Face, Aguzarova,, Urgant – all fit the definition of “famous”, but obviously carry a different charge. In General, fame is not the most suitable metric for this task. It does not reflect the popularity of the man at the moment and is often a residual effect of its former popularity or presence in the media.

For example, we have seen that the popularity of the character grows slowly but surely for a long time, as in the case of the writer Tsypkina. Are there enough data to disturb of lawyers and accountants and prepare an advertising contract?

The tone of references

The same melody can be played in a different tone, and the audience reaction will be different. A researcher from the University of Colorado Margaret Campbell warns: “Marketers should be cautious. And celebrities, and normal people have positive and negative aspects of identity that are easily transferred to the brand.” Science does not argue. Therefore it is necessary to assess how the tone and what the audience mentions we are interested in influencer.

Oskar Hartmann, in addition to its own companies KupiVip and CarPrice, is engaged in the development of entrepreneurship in Russia. In social networks, it periodically flashes with the founders of the “Business of Youth”, which collect a full house of those who dream of starting their own business. At first glance, everything is logical: we need a target audience – go to the opinion leaders who are already there. But there is another side. The reputation of the “Business of Youth” beyond its adherents ambiguous. Therefore, those who knew Oscar primarily as a successful entrepreneur and not as a business motivator, are unlikely to appreciate this PR. To reveal this risk, and to assess its scale would be in advance by monitoring social networks.


For example, we reviewed the three previous criteria, the results suit us. Next is not be lazy and check to see whether the opinion leader in advertising campaigns, contrary to our brand, do not use it way too often and there are no dark spots in his biography.

Here is an example. Pepsi years builds up a link with the younger generation through idols: Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, David Beckham, Nicky Minaj, etc. But advertising photo singer Beyonce with Pepsi truck called “blatant hypocrisy”. The problem is that before Beyonce was a symbol of the fitness campaign “Let’s Move”, Michelle Obama. Marketers failed to cross HLS and soda in one person, the long con didn’t work. The contract with Beyonce Pepsi in $50 million.

Advertising frequency

What unites messenger Veon, shampoo for dandruff, Head & Shoulders, Alfa-Bank and electronics shop “Eldorado”, but a healthy desire to earn? Answer: Yuri Dude.

After the publication of the latest advertising integration Duda and “Eldorado” on the site VC.ru readers left more than a hundred negative reviews, and the slogan of the campaign “Be in” altered to “Dude in proportion”. The essence of negativity is that advertising is too much Dude, as at the time there were a lot of Svetlakov.

The problem is in the fact that the main interviewer YouTube is hardly associated with any one brand.

There are exceptions, as with the same Dmitry nagievym. He advertised the drug “Miramistin”, chain of restaurants “Eurasia” and the drug “Lovelace Forte.” But he is closely associated with MTS. This was possible due to the large volume of advertising materials through all possible channels and viral effect the slogan “Not unlimited, and besometimes” that spawned memes.

What conclusion can we draw from this paragraph?

First, it is not necessary to refer to those about whom you can say, “I saw him in the commercial so-and-so brand and I like it.” Consider those who are already involved in the advertising of other brands, unless you are ready to handle the volume and scope of advertising that will Eclipse all other activity of the stars, as is the case with nagievym and MTS.
Secondly, a simple query “the name of the star in advertising” will allow you to see which advertising campaigns participated you are interested in star. This is necessary in order not to get in a situation similar to the Pepsi ad with Beyonce. Besides, with such a request, you will be able to learn and how the audience reacted to the ads with the selected star.


Fame is not an abstraction, it can be quantitatively and qualitatively measured. It should become common practice that at least will help to avoid reputational risks and not to lose your advertising budget. Once marketers do not have the tools to measure, for example, the traffic quality and conversion rates of individual marketing channels. All relied on intuition, experience and luck. Now we have the opportunity to test hypotheses and analyze the results in the figures and as regards opinion leaders.

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