Like a good story increases the value of the business

The firm in a matter of days bought Facebook, and it happened immediately after the recent rumor that the company is going to buy Apple. Perhaps it’s only a coincidence, but the hearing came too timely.

The material assets of the company Dalia is virtually worthless, but the paradoxical concept of the product and interesting history has allowed Gary to receive $3 from each stone. Today storytelling is used everywhere: for example, a Belgian beer KWAK will cost about $10, but exactly the same beer with the brand presentation in the glass the bulb would cost $15.

Products, pharmaceuticals, perfumes – storytelling is used in almost every industry. For example, the aroma of Gabrielle Chanel (2017-th year of creation) “can be traced notes of Chanel No. 22 with nearly a century of history”, and this description is already making a perfume more expensive.

In this case we are not talking about manipulation or deception regarding the characteristics of the product. Rather, it is the ability to make your product interesting to the audience. A beautiful legend for the goods or services, a provocative rumor about a company can work with any tools. For example, in 2016-m to year has been on the market for Belarusian startup MSQRD.

Land Rover and sardines

The first thing to understand: a beautiful legend and PR is a multiplier of the value of your business. This multiplier was effective, you need a good base. If you can make your product better from a material point of view, characteristics, packaging, price, etc. – in the first place do it. And then, when the product will be almost perfect, to throw the strength of the promotion.

Start with legendirovaniya of the company. Interesting facts, myths, the history of the brand – will fit anything that can arouse interest and attract attention to your company. For example, it is believed that Pampers was born almost by accident: Victor mills just wanted to come up with a useful item for my granddaughters, and then shared her achievement with the world. What was the true motivation of the engineer Procter & Gamble is unknown, but the legend of a caring grandfather and his granddaughters willingly distributed by the company. The motive of caring for the children and family of origin is sympathetic to the brand, contributing to sales.

Another example: according to legend, the emblem of the Land Rover appeared from the fact that one of the engineers left it on the table with drawings of your lunch – oval-jar of sardines. On paper and left an oil mark, and everyone thought that it looks very interesting. Accidentally resulting “logo” modified, and was born the logo, which has become one of the most famous in the world. It’s an interesting story, which is attracting brand attention, is remembered and helps to raise awareness of the company.

Watch from the ashes

Try to attract attention to your product, releasing the product premium. Did the watch company Romain Jerome Eyjafjallajokull DNA watch releasing the trim from the ashes and lava of the eyjafjallajökull volcano. CEO Manuel Emch showed a truly journalistic efficiency, providing a ready instance hours just a month after the famous eruption of 2010. Absolutely unique item with an interesting history has spurred interest in the brand, and the overall level of sales of the company Romain Jerome has increased dramatically.

Interestingly, this effect is not always the right product – sometimes it is enough to reconsider the approach to promote an existing product. In the early 80’s from a Shoe company Timberland was hard times: the firm produced great pumps, which were cheaper than the products of industry-leading Topsiders, but were not popular. The situation changed when Timberland raised the price of their products several times and made emphasis on the fact that this shoes is a whole new level. Sales went up sharply.

Book of records of brewer

If you are releasing the product in which it is difficult to create a unique story, think about attracting attention to the brand as a whole. This decision was made in Guinness: in 1955, the year the brewer released the first edition of his “Book of records”, which instantly became a bestseller. The brand had revenue and sales of the book, and with significantly increased sales of beer brand Guinness instantly became “weigh” more, than the next competitors.

Well-planned and conducted PR-campaign is able several times to increase the value of the business in just a few days. Universal solutions in this field does not exist, you should always work with a specific company and a specific product, but the General principles remain the same: make the business interesting, talk about it to the widest possible audience, and monitor the growth of the value of its assets.

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